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Individuals traveling from Johannesburg to Angola are exempted to apply for Angola visa for short stays. But the free stay for Angola visa-free nation is only permitted up to 30 days. Travelers or visitors from recognized Angola visa-free nations have to apply for visas to Angola to stay for a longer period. Johannesburg is the city of South Africa country which is the biggest city in the country. And every individual holding a South Africa passport is free to travel to Angola for 30 days without a visa.  


Angola visa on the arrival application form for Johannesburg or South Africa passport holders

If a citizen of South Africa has stayed for 30 days on visa-free validity in Angola and now they are willing to apply for an Angola visa. Applicants applying for visas can receive an Angola visa application form from the immigration department or the airport. If you are not in the country and applying from Johannesburg, then also you will have to visit the embassy to collect Angola visa application form

Angola visa application form

  • All the applicants holding South African passports have to fill correct details in the Angola visa application form. Applicants have to apply for a tourist visa to Angola for tourism. Applicants from South Africa should apply for an Angolan business visa for business-related reasons.
  • In the Angola visa application form, the South African passport holders have to fill and mention details like:
  • Full name, Father and Mother name, gender
  • Date of Birth, Marital Status
  • National ID number, Contact details
  • Nationality, Address
  • Passport number
  • Passport issued date and expiry date details
  • Applicants will have to submit the Angola visa application form to get Visa and stay for more than 30 days.
  • The visa to Angola will be approved only after the processing of the Angola visa application form by the consulate or authority.

Tourists generally have access to stay in the country for 30 days with an Angola visa. But the overall validity of a tourist visa for Angola is 90 days. The tourist visa fee for Angola is 190.0 USD.


Angola Entry requirements for Johannesburg 

Some of the documents and requirements travelers from Johannesburg must fulfill are:

  • South African passport- A copy and original one. Biodata page must have the correct information and details of the applicant. It should have three empty pages and six months validity too.
  • Accommodation details and travel Itinerary.
  • Proof of funds-  bank statement of the applicant will be accepted and can be presented as proof of funds. You will have to give proof of your address if the bank statement does not have details about your address.
  • Return tickets- the return air tickets are also needed.
  • Vaccination certificate: Travelers from South Africa must have a yellow vaccination certificate to gain entry into the country. 

Multiple entries are not permitted on a normal tourist visa for Angola. All the individuals holding Angola visas can only enter one time and should return before the stay validity. You should visit the country before the end of the Angola visa validity. A tourist visa for Angola is used by foreign nationals for tourism, travel, vacations, and leisure purposes.



Luanda, the capital of Angola country is known for its sultry beaches. This nation is the part of Southern Africa continent. Natural reserves like oil, gas and other natural resources are abundantly found in Angola. 


Saint Michael Fortress is a military building in Angola. This fort is known as Fort Aardenburgh. It is a beautiful Portuguese military museum and you can spot and explore the history of the Angola military.


It is the Portuguese name of Mussolo peninsula and beech. The  Ilha do Mussulo beech is the favorite spot of tourists and there are restaurants and beautifully constructed huts in Angola.


It is a beautiful beach if you are looking for a place with less crowd. It has a good view and restaurants with amazing scenes.

You can also visit other places like the Tundavala viewpoint.  Museu da Moeda museum represents the old history and evolution of Angolan currency. These are only some of the famous tourist spots in Angola.


Tourists from Johannesburg who holds a South African passport do not need to obtain an Angola visa if they are staying in the country for 30 days short duration. Angola visa-free countries have to fill Angola visa application form for more than one month's stay.

Apply Angola Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The important documents needed for children under 18 years are a consent letter from both the parents, passport of both mother and father, and birth certificate.

A work permit which should be a valid one is a must-needed requirement for every foreign  including South African countries to officially work in the country.A work permit which should be a valid one is a must-needed requirement for every foreign  including South African countries to officially work in the country.

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