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If you're an ex-pat living and working in Angola, you're more lucky enough to have a work visa. You're probably also familiar with the visa renewal process of  Angola.

Here, You will know in this guide how you may renew your work visa for Angola. Meanwhile, the process is relatively easy, it is certainly not something you want to mess up.

What is an Angola work visa?

A work visa (also called visa de travail) is issued to workers who work in Angola for at least six months. Not all visa holders are provided with work permits. While in most cases, work permits are the sole bargaining chip for foreign companies who import employees.

An Angola work visa comes with various legal perks, but it's a challenge to get one. Once you've gotten a work permit, and your job has been approved by the government, you can go online and apply for an Angola work visa renewal. A non-A1 visa (like the Angolan travel document) is no longer valid after one year from the date you enter Angola (that's if you aren't self-employed). If you're on the verge of a renewal of your visa and aren't sure what to do, let us help you.

The renewal process for Angola work visa

Refiling (renewing) your Angola work visa is typically an annual affair, a process that you can accomplish through a variety of methods.

If you have the following information, you can submit your online visa request;

  • Angolan ID card
  • Photo
  • Certification of residence
  • Birth certificate
  • Original passport
  • Fully vaccinated International vaccine certificate proof
  • Proof of accommodation

However, if you do not have a visa, you will first need to apply first, which you can do via telephone or online.

But as an ex-pat - you should keep a copy of all the documents it has with you to the process of the renewal process for Angola work visa.

You can save yourself the headache by applying through Tourist Visa Online.

Also, if you have ever heard of the application process in Sao Paulo or even in Beijing, the process for the Angola visa renewal is the same.

But you should keep a copy of all the documents it has with you for the renewal process for the Angola work visa.

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What to do if your Angola work visa expires?

In Angola, you need a work visa to legally be employed in a city.

Whenever your Angola work visa expires, you need to leave the country. You have to obtain a new visa that can take you for a while if you wish to stay.

Then what do you do in the meantime?

It depends on the situation. You can collect a temporary visa for instance if you are a mentor.

 A temporary visa can be obtained if you are a company owner. You have to have a sponsor in both instances. If you're a construction worker or a construction manager, you have to get a new visa from the Ministry of Labor. If you're a journalist, a journalist trainee, a correspondent, a foreign correspondent, a correspondent's assistant, a translator, a technical assistant, a researcher, a producer, or a technical producer, you have to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you're a missionary, you have to register with the Civil Registry and Migration Authority.

Generally, most people's Angola work visa expires on December 1 of every year. If you've been living in Angola for at least 12 months, you're probably familiar with the visa renewal process.

By law, you're supposed to be given three weeks to renew your visa before it expires. When you're not a citizen of Angola, you don't have much of a say in the matter.

If you're an ex-pat or foreign national working in Angola, you can still apply for a renewal online.

Whether if you don't apply, your visa will be automatically renewed for another 3 months. It's important to note that the standard renewal process involves a fee and can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months to process depending on how quickly you submit your application.

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Unfortunately, Angola currently does not have a visa renewal process. To stay in Angola, you must leave the country for a minimum of 24 hours and then return to Angola to apply for a new visa. The visa is valid for three months after you arrive in Angola.

You need to follow a few significant steps, but the difficult task is done. If you followed the steps above and things turned out alright, you're on your way to a renewed Angola work visa.

This ensures that when you arrive you are fully prepared. Once in Angola, you may check whether or not your request has been accepted.

Whether you have queries or doubts, you must visit Tourist Visa Online to get your visa hassle-free.

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