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Angola is very unusual in the sense that they do not require Angola electronic visas but rather they require border visas. Having an Angolan border visa is an important thing to be able to travel to Angola because they will not give you a visa on arrival.

This article will take you through what you need to get an Angolan border visa, the process of getting one, and all the different costs involved.

What is the border visa?

The people of Zambia and Angola share a long history as the two nations were once a single country back in the early 1900s. In the present time, the two countries continue to share a strong political and economic bond that has led to a growing interest in travel between the two nations. Moreover, the border visa validation for 5 years has an expiration date of the first 6 months after the first arrival. The border visa will then expire after the second 6 months in the first 5 years.

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Visa Requirements for a border visa

Exigences for visas In comparison with other African nations, the application procedure in Angola is unusual. There are no consulates in Angola, so all requirements have to be fulfilled before a visa can be issued. It is important to include all the documents when the visitors apply for an online visa to stay in Angola (if in a hotel or guest house).

The visitors can submit your online visa application for themselves if you have your

  • Angolan ID card
  • Photo
  • Certification of residence
  • Birth certificate
  • Original passport
  • Fully vaccinated International vaccine certificate proof
  • Proof of accommodation

Also, the visitor must include their contact details, proof of identity, and proof of nationality in the application.

Who qualifies for the border visa?

The criteria to qualify for the border visa depends on the traveler's nationality and the purpose of the visit. While the visa application procedure is required for people of all nationalities, the visa fee can be a significant financial burden for those who are not wealthy.

The foreign citizens without the right to stay in Angola.

Several countries forbid citizens of Angolan origin to enter Angola.

The holders of green cards for Angolan citizens

A holder of a green card is a permanent US resident having a permanent card. They have a permanent residence card for an indefinite stay or select another option to stay.

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Requirements for the border visa

The government of Angola has introduced a border visa which makes it easier for tourists to visit Angola.

The border visa is a pre-entry visa, which is issued to those who are traveling to Angola via a third country.

The requirements are stricter than applying for any other type of visa.

  • Passport number: Any passport will be accepted if it contains a valid visa of the country visited. The visa must be valid for the trip and up to one year.
  • No visa: If the trip is being conducted for humanitarian purposes or not against the will of the host country, the person should not be applying for a visa.

Documents required for the visa: A passport or passport picture (photos should be clear and in good condition, and hold up-to-date documents; i.e. passports with expired or canceled visas or photos of people that are not allowed to enter the country). Also, a passport copy and a self-addressed envelope are required.

How to apply for a border visa

Each country has a visa application process, just like ours, and the visa application will usually take the form of a form or letter, either submitted online or through a travel agent.

Each country will have different requirements for its visa and some of the requirements may not apply for some countries.

A border visa is not guaranteed and the request may not be granted.

For Angola border Visa - there's a list of common visa requirements. All travelers to Angola are subject to normal immigration laws.

The traveler must register the visa in advance in a third country before applying for the visa in Angola.

The traveler must be able to spend their travel, accommodation, and government per diem allowance for up to 12 months and this will be an advance deposit, not a non-refundable deposit.

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With more visa options available, you may be wondering how you can travel to Angola.

Here in this article, we explained all visa requirements for travelers who wish to enter Angola on a visa-free basis.

If you are considering visiting the country, you should read this article, as well as travel in the country, and determine what you think is necessary for your trip. However, if you doubt your requirements, feel free to reach out to our Angolan visa expert team. We will be glad to help.

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