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Angola, multiple occasions the size of California, reaches out for in excess of 1,000 miles along the South Atlantic in southwest Africa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo are toward the north and east, Zambia is toward the east, and Namibia is toward the south. A level averaging 1829 meters above ocean level ascents unexpectedly from the waterfront marshes. Virtually all the land is desert or savanna, with hardwood woods in the upper east. Here we are going to know about Angola visa for Colombia nationals

Angola went through a change from a one-party communist state to a multiparty vote- based system in 1992. Angola is the second-biggest oil maker in sub-Saharan Africa, yet its kin are among the landmass' most unfortunate. The defilement under the Dos Santos government bears a large part of the fault. As indicated by the International Monetary Fund, more than $4 billion in oil receipts have vanished from Angola's depository in the last six years. Angola is the third-biggest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and is delegated a low-center pay economy. 

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You can check for Angolan passport application online. Following are the types of visas that the people traveling to Angola for their own different reasons can apply for. While different countries can apply for different visas Angola has the following set of visas – 


Vacationer visa must be utilized for the travel industry and recreation reason while a visit visa can be utilized for conferences, to go to a course or some other reason. With a traveler visa, you can remain for 14 days or 30 days and it is extendible for 40 days time span though with a visit visa you can remain for 90 days.  


A Business Visa is given the individuals who are working together in India, for example, making deals or building up contacts in the interest of an organization outside of India. Business visas might be legitimate for a quarter of a year to one year or more with single or numerous sections. Notwithstanding, the time of remain in India  under this class is restricted to a half year as it were. 


A travel visa is a visa that is legitimate for a brief period. Contingent upon your nation passport and objective nation, you may have to have a travel visa to make an association in an unfamiliar air terminal or cross through an outside nation. An air terminal travel visa permits an explorer to go through the worldwide zone of an air terminal, without entering the nation's region. You can find Angola visa for Colombia nationals document requirements below. 

While you can also apply for an e Visa which seems to be a much easier alternative because it is a less time-consuming, persistent, clear filling of application and less hassle to apply for. Besides, you would not have to visit the embassy for any part of the application. Everything is done online. Book your Angola visa online with us now. 

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Requirements for application of visa

Ø International explorers who wish to apply for the e-Visa should meet the Angola visa necessities.

Ø To be able to get an Angola e-Visa, candidates should hold an identification gave by a qualified nation.

Ø The accompanying things should likewise be given to satisfy the online application prerequisites for the Angola e-Visa:

Ø Scanned output of the explorer's identification with at least 1 year's legitimacy and at any rate 4 void visa pages.

Ø Visa style photo on a white foundation

Ø Global vaccination endorsement

Ø Verification of convenience

Ø Verification of assets, for example a bank proclamation

Ø Verification of flight reservations with return or ahead outing

Ø The explorer will likewise need to present a functioning email address to get the affirmed e-Visa for Angola and give a technique for paying the expense.

Ø When the Angola e-Visa is gotten, it should be printed off and carried with the applicant to their objective. It should be introduced alongside the person's visa at fringe control.

Ø The visa utilized in the online application should be utilized to enter Angola.

Ø On the off chance that the explorer is compelled to change their identification preceding going (for instance, if their unique identification is lost, taken, harmed, or in any case delivered invalid), they ought to reapply for another Angola e-Visa. 

You can check for information on other visas for example- visa requirements for brazilian citizens online. These were all the important documents you need to while filling the application form but make sure the important specifications of clicking photos are followed properly. That are- A white background photo, a straight face while clicking picture, clear eyes shown.

The inability to do so will result in the complete rejection of the application or you will need to fill second time which results in more time consumption. These were all the angola visa requirements. You can check for Angola visa for Colombia nationals application process below

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How to apply 

While you can also go for angola visa on arrival. The following are all the steps that need to be followed when applying for the visa-

Ø Angola presented an electronic visa framework, or e-Visa, in March 2018. Far off nationals from specific nations can apply for this Angola visa online to get approval to visit the southern African nation.

Ø The e-Visa licenses section to the Republic of Angola for the reasons for the travel industry, recreation, or business.

Ø An online visa can be utilized for only one visit or for numerous sections to Angola.

Ø Holders of an Angola e-Visa can remain in the nation for as long as 30 days.

Ø The e-Visa for Angola can be utilized to enter the nation any time inside 60 days of the date of issue, after which it ends.

Ø Applicants should finish an online application structure, giving fundamental individual information, identification data, and contacting information.

Ø When the Angola visa online application is presented, the affirmed e-Visa is shipped off the email address that the candidate gave inside the following not many business days.

Ø Angolan e-Visas are given by the nation's Migration and Foreigners Service, also known as SME, the public authority body that is answerable for visas and its queries.

Ø The e-Visa doesn't allow unfamiliar nationals to live or work in Angola, including any paid action.

Ø To acquire consent to migrate and additionally have done paid work in the nation, far off nationals should contact their closest Angola government office or office.

This was all the information you need to know about Angola visa for Colombia nationals. While you can also know about  Angola visa free countries 2020 on our website.

Apply Angola Visa

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