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Around 59 countries are eligible to grant visas to citizens on the arrival of your destination, eliminating the need for advance arrangements of the visa to visit the country. One such pre-visa grant is Angola visa for United Arab Emirates passport holders; like the other 58 countries listed for the eligibility criteria for Angola Visa, the citizens of UAE are eligible for Angola visa on arrival. This visa acts as a mediator by getting you a visa just as you reach your destination. 

UAE passport holders will have to adhere to the required information and important documents that will facilitate the online process of getting an Angola visa. To apply for an Angola visa, this are the list of documents necessary to start the online procedure of the Angola visa application:

  • Passport Holders must carry their passports – Your passport must be valid for another year from the date of your arrival in Angola, UAE. The validity shall remain throughout another year along with 4 blank pages on your passport for stamping. 
  • A Passport sized photograph – The thumb rule of passport-sized photos required for official documents is that the photo must be captured on a white background within the timespan of as recent as 3 months ago.
  • Residence/Accommodation Proof – If you own a residency in Angola, you will have to produce the document proofs of your residency or accommodation in a hotel through hotel booking confirmations along with the letters of accommodation proof for your friends and family. 
  • Vaccination Proof – You will be required to produce your international vaccination certificate stating that you have been vaccinated for Yellow Fever.
  • Proof of your return ticket – This is mandatory proof produced to ensure the authorities that you stay as long as your Angola visa allows you to stay.
  • Register your e-mail address – All the receipts regarding your Angola visa application and processing will be received on your e-mail. The receipt sent on the e-mail enables you to obtain your visa on arrival in PDF format that can be easily printed for documental proofs.
  • Make your payment – You can choose to make your payment either through credit or debit card. However, other payment gateways such as PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat are acceptable to make payments.
  • Ensure accuracy of details – It is imperative to ensure that all the documents produced and the information delivered are 100% accurate and up-to-date as any discrepancy in the filling of details in the form will lead to re-applying of the visa. 

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How long is the Angola Visa valid and how many entries are allowed?

You can apply for multiple entries on Angola Visa having a validity period of 6 business days from the date of issue. 

The duration of stay in Angola via Angola visa is around a total of 30 days. 

What is the cost of applying for an Angola Visa?

The fee payment on Angola visa must be made before you travel to Angola. This amount depends on the processing speed of your Angola visa application, faster processing speed requires more charges. These are the three processing time:

  • Standard processing – Angola Visa will be ready within 7 to 9 Business Days
  • Emergency processing – Travel document will be received in just 2 Business Days, charging the amount of USD 200.00

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How to apply for Angola Visa for UAE passport holders?

Tourist Visa Online can help you out with filing the form to apply for an Angola visa for United Arab Emirates passport holders. The form for the application is concise and easy to understand, in case, you find difficulty in filling in the details of the forms, you can easily contact Tourist Visa Online’s customer support. You can reach out either through online texting or phone calls to avail Visa Online’s customer services. These customer support services are available 24/7 and are free of charge to provide their unwavering assistance to help you obtain the visa.

Apply Angola Visa

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