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Foreign nationals staying in the country for a longer period or who want to move to Angola will need to obtain Angola immigration visas. The Angola immigration visa is the type of official document which will be given to individuals for work and staying in the country. Foreign nationals to apply for Angola immigration visa due to different reasons. To attain permanent residency in Angola, foreign nationals need to stay in the country for a much longer period.

Angola resident permit

The Angola resident permit is the permission given to individuals from foreign countries willing to stay and settle themselves in the country permanently. Angola resident permit will be a temporary permit initially. The Angola resident permit status can be changed from temporary to permanent status. Individuals staying in Angola with a temporary status of the residence permit must stay for at least 10 years consecutively to change the status to permanent. 

The Angola residence visa stays valid for 60 days from the day you get the approval. Immigrants are recommended to use it before the end of 60 days validity. With a valid residence visa in Angola, applicants stay in the country for 160 days and additional 160 days if they apply for an extension. This can be done by applicants until their status for Angola resident permit is approved. 


Benefits of Angola residence visa

  • Can stay for a longer duration in Angola 
  • Applicants from foreign nationals are free to work, do business, do investments, other activities, paid jobs, get employed, etc.
  • Allows multiple entries in Angola.
  • You should not have an infectious disease to apply for an Angola residence visa.

Eligibility to apply for Angola residence visa

  • Applicants must have a valid purpose to apply for an Angola residence visa.
  • You must have enough money to immigrate to Angola on a residence visa. With fewer funds and money, your residence visa to Angola may not be approved.
  • The absence of any document can also result in the rejection of your residence visa to Angola.


Requirements and documents for Angola residence visa

  • Passport of the applicant applying for Angola residence visa. Immigrants from a foreign country must attach and submit the copy and also the original passport. Immigrants will have to present the details about their previous journey to Angola. 
  • Photograph of the applicant immigrating to Angola which needed to be submitted with the application form. You will need at least three colored photos with white background only.
  • Applicants' letters should have a valid reason why the applicant is moving to Angola. The letter should be sent to the general consulate of Angola before applying for a residence visa. The letter should have the legal signatures of the consulate at the time of applying for a resident permit.
  • Completely answered and filled Angola residence visa application form.
  • Health certificate of the applicant for the proof that you are physically fit. Applicants should make sure that the certificate is in the Portuguese language. 
  • Vaccination certificates of applicants according to the requirements. Yellow fever and due to COVID, they may ask you to show COVID vaccine certificate.
  • Evidence or bank statements to prove that the applicants have enough funds and will be able to sustain themselves in the foreign country.
  • Proof of family relationship status.
  • Applicants will have to take the responsibility that they will adhere to and will strictly follow the Angolan laws and rules
  • Responsibility status
  • The police clearance certificate is needed to make sure that the applicant does not have a criminal history. If it is another language then translate it into Portuguese. Because certificates in another language are not accepted.


Steps to apply for an Angolan immigration visa:

  • You have to visit the Angola immigrant department or embassy to obtain a residence visa.
  • You will have to submit the application form for an immigration Visa to Angola. Don't forget to submit both the copies and original documents.

You may have to face interviews and other procedures to obtain a residence visa for Angola.

The processing time of the Angola residence visa is around 60 days. The processing time is long and you must have enough time before moving to Angola. Therefore, you should apply for an Angola residence visa well before the start of the journey. The fee for a residence visa to Angola is 350 pounds.


The foreign nationals intended to Angola as a residence can apply for an Angola residence visa. They should maintain the status of visa to get permanent residency with an Angola resident permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily apply for an extension or renewal of the Angola residence visa from the embassy.

If you are shifting with family and your child is a minor, then you must have the birth certificate and passport of both parents.

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