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Angola is the country in the southern parts of the country. Angola has many tropical beaches and many tourist attractions attract the tourist from all over the world. Angola has become one of the major tourist attractions in South Africa. 

Many visas are available for the tourist to travel to the country. It is up to the tourist what kind of visa they want and suits their needs of travel, the visa extension of the tourist visa can be done but the visa extension of the Transit visa can’t be done. So this is the choice of the tourist what kind of visa they want. 


Short term visa for Angola

There is the provision of the Short term visa for Angola, which is available for people who want to travel to the country only for a shorter duration in the country. The short-term visa is only given to the person who has permission to enter the country for a shorter duration. Several documents are required for the short-term visa for Angola

Short term visa for Angola

This is the visa that is given to the person who has some urgent work in the country. This is the visa that is given to the person who has some urgent task in the country that needs to be done by the Foreign citizens. 

Some conditions are attached with the short-term visa of Angola. That the tourists need to be kept in mind for the visa. 

  • Used within 72 hours

The tourist must keep in mind that the person must travel to the country within the 72-hour window of the visa issue.

  • Validity of the visa 

The validity of the visa is for 7 days from the date of entry into the country. 

  • Extension of the visa is possible 

The tourist can extend the short-term visa, it can be extended as per the convince of the tourist. 


Documents required for the Short term visa of Angola

Several documents are required for the Short term visa of Angola, which the tourist needs to carry for the Short term visa:-

  • letter from the consulate in Embassy

the tourist must provide that a letter from the Consulate of the embassy, that will prove the duration of the stay in the country. 

  • application form

the tourist must fill the application form, that form must be filled properly without any faults and the information must be complete. If there are any mistakes in the form then the form will be rejected.

  • Valid passport 

The passport must be valid 6 months before entry into the country. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages for the stamps of the country. 

  • Photocopy of the passport 

The tourist must carry the photocopy of the passport, the bio-data page of the passport that will show the date of birth of the tourist. 

  • Passport size photographs 

The tourist must carry a passport size photograph, which must not be old than 3 months from the arrival in the country.

The photographs must be in a white background, the person traveling must not be wearing any sunglasses in the picture. The photos must be taken without any earnings or the dreadlocks for the males. 

  • Proof of the occupation of the tourist

The tourist must provide a valid letter from the employment, that he or she is working. The student must provide a letter of confirmation from the university. If the tourist is not into employment then he or she needs to provide proof of the training or education. 


  • Address proof the tourist

The tourist is bound to bring the address proof that proves the residential status of the person:-

  • Water bill
  • Gas bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Child benefit letter (this is for the minors that are traveling with there parents)
  • Child tax credit
  •  Driving License
  • Bank statement 
  • Council Tax letter

  • Travel itinerary 

The tourist needs to have an airline ticket that will prove that the person will leave the country. 

  • Proof of the accommodation 

The tourist needs to show the hotel bookings or the place where the person is staying. The bookings must be in the name of the person traveling to the country. 

  • Bank statements 

The tourist must provide the immigration office the bank statements, that will prove to them that they will survive in the country. 

  • Letter  of invitation 

This is the letter from the organization in which the person is working. Several things will included in the documents such as:-

  • Full name of the tourist
  • Nationality or the place from which the person is traveling
  • Date of birth
  • Place where the person is born
  • Passport number 
  • The expiry of the passport 
  • Occupation of the tourist 
  • Name of the employer 

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