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Travelling to Antigua is now easy with an Antigua visa for India. This visa will let you travel to Antigua and stay for a while as a tourist or a businessman or even as a student. But choosing the right visa type for any of the professions respectively is really important. As it is based on the right visa type that a person can fulfil any sort of purpose they want. Tourist Visa Online will help you choose that one visa you have been wanting to apply for by making your process even easier. Antigua has always been known for its tourism. It also has a tropical climate that attracts a lot of tourist from around the world. 


Q. What is an Antigua visa for India?

An Antigua visa is for an Indian who wishes to travel to this place. This document allows them to travel through the borders without having to wait for a different document being produced. This means no one will be stopping you from entering your destination. 

Q. Is it possible for an Indian to stay for as long as he or she wants after getting the Antigua visa issued?

No, it will not be possible to stay for as long as he or she wishes to stay even if it is an Indian or any other foreigner who needs a visa to Antigua. There is a certain allowed period in which a person can stay and that is the only allowed period as a foreigner is considered. Beyond this period staying in the country without a valid visa will be considered to be a crime. This is why either renewing or having your visa extended or getting a visa after the expiration of the existing visa is recommended. 

Q. What is the allowed period of stay for an Indian in Antigua?

The period allowed for an Indian in Antigua is for about 30 days after the visa has been issued. This means after this allowed number of days the person will have to either renew the visa or get out of the country and get a new visa. 

Q. How will I know if my visa has come to the expiration date?

Right after you enter the country a stamp will be put into your passport which will mention both your date of entry into Antigua and the date you must exit by. 

Q. How to apply for an Antigua visa from India?

You can get the visa applied for through an online method through a tourist visa online by following the below-given steps:

  • Give your nationality as India in the box given on the homepage. 
  • Check for the tourist visa you want to apply for and select the option. 
  • Fill in all of the details as given on your Indian passport. 
  • Give scans of all the documents including your passport initial and end pages. 
  • Pay the charges for the visa as it has been mentioned on the site with any of the available payment methods. 
  • Get your confirmation mail sent through your registered mail. 

This will complete your application through Tourist Visa Online. 

Q. When will I get my visa if I apply for an Antigua visa today and have to leave for the country in the next two weeks?

You have applied for the visa at the right time as you will be able to get your visa issued in about five to seven days from today after you are done with successful completion of the application. This means that you can travel to the country in about two weeks as you have already planned for. 

Q. Will it be possible for an Indian parent to give their passport details to take their child to Antigua on a tourist visa?

No, it will not be possible to share the same passport between you are your child. As your child will also need a passport issued to him or her before the travel without which an entry will be denied. This passport must be applied for before you apply for your visa because you will have to mention all of the details about the child as it has been mentioned in the passport. 

Q. How to know if I am eligible for a student visa to Antigua if I am from India?

You will be an eligible candidate for a student visa to Antigua if you already hold an acceptance letter to the university that you want to pursue an education in. If you d not have one then it will be better to get one before you apply for an Antigua student visa. 

In this way, through an Antigua visa for India, you will be able to travel to Antigua without any problems coming your way. 

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