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Whenever a foreigner travels to a country other than their hometown needs some sort of document that will help the other identify their existence. This is the exact role of a visa when it is being issued to a foreigner. However, what a lot of people don’t know yet are the requirements that need to be filled in order to get this document. So for the citizens who wish to go to Antigua here are Antigua visa requirements that need to be followed in order to get it. We will look at both visa-related requirements and those that are not related to visa as well so that you get all of the information you have been looking for! 

First of all, checking whether you require a visa or not is essential. Only if you need a visa you need to read on the article, however, if you take a look at the Antigua visa free countries and the name of the country you belong to has not been mentioned then you can check out the other requirements apart from those required for the visa!  

Conditions for those who are doing business in Antigua:

Most of the people who belong to the visa-free countries might not need a visa unless their trip has been limited to tourism purposes or for business purposes. Those who are on business travel to Antigua then they are allowed to stay for as long as they want provided the following conditions:

  • Does not require a stay of more than six months in Antigua
  • Possess a passport which will be valid for more than six months after the date of departing from hometown
  • They have already accessed a flight ticket which will return them to their hometown or have a flight ticket that will take them to their final destination.
  • They have their accommodation being set in Antigua
  • There must be proof of the ability to support themselves while in Antigua.

Now let’s take a look at the documentation requirements that must be fulfilled in order to get a visa.

The list of documents that are meant to be attached can be given as follows:

1. An application form:

This application form must contain all the details about the foreigner who will be going to Antigua. There will be a variety of questions being asked in the application form and giving accurate information to all of these questions is the responsibility of the foreigner filling them. They should also make sure that they re-check the application for any mistakes and if found then to rectify them. The application will only be accepted if it is complete.

2. Passport:

A passport is of utmost importance while traveling to a foreign nation and having this in hand will always be necessary even after reaching the country. The passport should follow all the passport requirements mentioned. The foreigner is also expected to carry the passport around during the entire duration of the trip.

3. A photograph:

A photograph that is of passport size must be attached. This will be the one that will be displayed on the visa once it is printed.

4. Ticket of the journey:

A proof of the ticket of a journey to Antigua be it a sea cruise ticket or a flight ticket must be provided with the application. The multiple-entry visas will only be provided to those who show evidence of the multiple entry allowance.

5. Other documents:

These include some of the documents that differ from country to country. Documents such as a police record as in case of applying through an embassy must be needed. Bank statements are also asked by some of the travel agencies. Preparing these as well will be beneficial.


Q. Is there a yellow fever certificate that must be provided for UK citizens if they want a visa to Antigua?

Yes, the UK citizens must provide a yellow fever certificate while applying for a visa to Antigua.

Q. What if my American passport validity is only for the next three months will I be able to get a visa to Antigua?

If you have an American passport that belongs to you and has only three months’ worth of validity then you will have to renew the passport to get a visa to Antigua. As the rule states that the passport must at least have a validity of six months after departure.

Q. Are the above-mentioned requirements the only ones that I need to provide for getting a visa?

The requirements that have been mentioned above are the ones that are basic apart from these Antigua visa requirements can vary from country to country.

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