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Antigua and Barbuda is famous for the paradise-like beaches it houses. The country has got almost 365 beaches (one for every day for a year), all of them a treat to the human eye. With the hundreds of beaches, the visitors can be easily overwhelmed by the options.

Whether you prefer pink sands or white, the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda will have you covered. Comparing the beaches is a tough task because all of them are equally beautiful. We have tried our best to curate the list of best beaches in Antigua. Read this article till the end to find out more about the same.


There is a reason why the country is called the land of 365 beaches. With a handful of vacation time, you cannot visit all of them. The beaches around the country provide picture perfect dazzling photographs that can spark up your social media feed. With these many options, you can also try out some romantic things to do in Antigua.

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Read the list below and find out the array of things to do in Barbuda and Antigua:


Dickenson bay is one of the most beautiful beaches inside the country. The beach is a mile of soft powder gently sloping down into the turquoise water. You can clearly see the clear water surrounded by the reef. You can experience just the perfect experience for which the Caribbean islands are famous for- cool winds, palm trees, and white sands.

The cherry on top is the luxury Sandals Grande that blends naturally into the prime location in the beach. The hotel has six swimming pools and many options for water sports. You can watch the amazing sunset from one of the eleven restaurants of this award winning hotel inside the entire Caribbean. Visit this place and enjoy the nightlife in Antigua at its best.


There are various Shirley heights Antigua excursions that you can try out to witness the amazing panoramic view of the ocean. This place is located within the national parks that overlook the English as well as Falmouth harbors. The lookout hosts the best party around the country since the last 25 years. Crowds of people gather around this place to reserve their places and watch the amazing sunset.

Music starts from 7 and that is when the partying really starts. There is also a huge collection of delicacies that you can try to hump on your hunger. This is an amazing place to meet with friends and befriend new people, make new experiences and spend one of the most memorable times of your life.


This is famous all over the world for being one of the most beautiful inside the country with 3200 foot white sand crescent at the shoreline. This place is located at a 30 minute drive from the English harbor and sight worth a visit. The drive through is extremely beautiful, and as you reach the crescent coast, you will experience the beauty of the country to its core.

Visitors can also opt for all natural spa treatments. It is available at the lower cliffs where you can use the all natural ingredients and also indulge in an Antiguan mud bath. Exfoliate and enjoy your time as you rinse off at the Caribbean ocean.


While the half bay moon is extremely famous all over the world, this place is less known and less discovered. The discrete nature of the beach makes it even more beautiful to visit. This place is a haven for secretion and sophistication amidst the southern coast of the country. This amazing place is tucked away inside a tropical rainforest which overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

You can book a room at the Carlisle bay resort, which is one of the best beaches resort Antigua. If you are not a guest at the hotel, you can book a romantic dinner with your loved one at the indigo on the beach and enjoy your evening watching the sunset. 


This beautiful destination is hard to find and even harder to access. The journey to this place is worthwhile for the witness of the most pristine shorelines present in the twin islands. The amazing beach stretches over 1250 feet and is located at the end of Jennings village. This pace is ideal if you want to swim. One visit to this heavenly place and you would not want to leave this wonderful place in your true senses.


This place is located on the southern end of the country. This can be easily distinguished from the other beaches from the expansiveness. The place has white sands and turquoise water and is undisturbed by hotels or resorts. One of the most famous ones, this is definitely a must visit if you visit the country.

With no presence of any settlement around this place, this is the most undisturbed beach. The extreme peaceful environment is what makes this place famous around the country. You can visit the Dennis beach bar and restaurant to ease on your hunger. You can also clearly see Montserrat, which is a neighboring country, if the skies are clear.


This place is perfect for the visitors who are staying near the marina. This beach is also located in the southern part of the country. This place is at a walking distance from the English harbor. The place houses a gorgeous coastline and some amazing dining options. You can head to bumpkins bar and grab a pina colada. You can also check out Catherine’s café for a meal while you overlook the sunset.

This beach is extremely among the tourists as well as the local people.


This beach is an ideal spot which is easily visible when you travel through a car. This is less developed than the north coast beach which has a small restaurant that rents to loungers and parasols. The beach is largely protected by the reefs and rocks. The white sand around the place and the turquoise water is what makes this place a must visit.

You should however keep in mind to visit this beach later during the day to avoid the cruise ships that come around for excursions.

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Along with the above mentioned best beaches in Antigua, there are a plethora of other beaches that you can discover on your own when you visit the country. There is absolutely more fun in exploring the country and enjoying the vacation the most.

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