do i need a visa for antigua

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You will need a visa for Antigua unless you are from the visa-exempt country. Apply for Antigua visa online with minimum documents and easy application form at Touristvisaonline and get your visa in the fastest processing time. Going to Antigua has now been on increasing demand due to its highly praised popularity among beach lovers. With a beautiful beach line along the Caribbean Sea coast, one can definitely sense that this place is a heaven for beach lovers. While going to Antigua needs a passport and that is for sure, there has been an increasing amount of questions based on do I need a visa for Antigua. Well, now that’s a question that needs clarification as a lot of people are still unaware of the requirements and also about those countries that do not need a visa to visit Antigua. In this article, we will be taking a look at the requirements of visa for some countries and those countries that will be exempted from taking a visa.

Antigua with about 365 beaches situated on the Caribbean coastline, one can stay here for almost a year and still not get tired! Well, that’s about the beach lovers. Apart from this, an adventure lover can also find their favorite spot for an adventurous journey by traveling to Barbuda which is the sister island of Antigua. This place will leave with an astonishing memory forever. This place has a natural cave carved out just to fit your adventure level right!

With this information, you can definitely find out whether you need a visa or not and then go on for a fantastic journey out in the wild. For more information keep reading! 

While Antigua provides visa-free travel to a lot of countries, some other countries are at stake as they will have to apply for a visa before they travel. While some countries will have to apply for a visa beforehand there are some other countries who can get an e visa and some other who can get a visa on arrival. But for those who need to apply for a visa don’t you worry, as tourist visa online will have you covered provided that you are eligible for an e visa application!

We will now be discussing the countries that need a visa and some others who will have to follow some conditions in order to get a visa. List of countries who require a visa to travel to Antigua can be given as follows:

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Australia Azerbaijan
Bhutan  Brunei Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Canada 
Central African republic Chad China Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo Equatorial guinea
Eritrea Ghana  Guinea Iraq Israel Japan
Kazakhstan North Korea Kuwait Liberia Libya Mali
Marshal islands Mexico Mongolia  Morocco Myanmar Namibia
Nauru New Zealand Niger Nigeria Oman Paraguay
Saudi Arabia South Sudan  Sudan Syria Thailand  Tonga
Turkmenistan UAE US Uruguay Vietnam  Yemen

All of the above-listed countries come under the visa required list and must obtain a visa beforehand.

  • Some of the other countries might also require a visa but can gain access to it through an electronic visa portal. To take a look at the list you may check the Antigua visa policy which states which countries require and which ones do not.
  • Among the visa required list, citizens of Australia can also apply for a visa through an online method and hence they can have a convenient way of applying for a visa.
  • Now that you know whether your country’s name has been put up on the list you can also check out “how do I get an Antigua visa” through which you will come across the procedures and the requirements for this visa you need to apply!


Q. If my country’s name has not been mentioned do I assume that I do not need a visa?

If your name has not been specified in the above list, you can also check the visa on arrival list or the electronic visa list. If the country’s name is still not visible then you do not need a visa. You can also check the Antigua visa-free countries to get to know whether your country’s name is on that list! 

Q. Will there be any condition that I need to fulfill while I go on a visa-free trip?

Apart from the fact that you need to carry a valid passport be it through air or seaport, you might also face some conditions that are set by the Antigua government which has o be followed.


With the do, I need a visa for Antigua question being answered you can now pack your bags for a unique experience awaiting you at Antigua! 

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