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Argentina is world-famous for soccer, Lionel Messi, of course, but there's so much more to the world that Argentina doesn't know. Argentina is the site of fine beauties in mother nature, rivers, canyons, volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, and of course, the ocean. For adventurers and backpackers, Argentina is the sky. And if you want to get a leg in the streets of Buenos Aires, you can always do the tango. You will require an Argentina Visa to visit the nation and explore the beauty of this nation. In this article, we have discussed Easy steps to get Argentina Visa.

The word 'Argentina' refers to the Italian word 'made of silver' It is the world's eighth-largest country. Argentina shares its borders with Bolivia and Paraguay in the North, Brazil, and Uruguay in the East, and Chile in the West. Buenos Aires is Argentina's federal capital. Buenos Aires is known as South America's capital city, Paris. It is a large metropolis where shopping, food, and incredible nightlife are to be enjoyed. You can visit Argentina by taking part in many archive wonders, parks, museums, and historical monuments.

The Inca Empire was ruled in the pre-Columbian era by Argentina and had a remarkable history of civilizations. In Argentina, the most renowned are the hand caves in Santa Cruz Province, traces of human civilization from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. The country has had many Spanish and Italian immigration waves, which is why Argentina's culture has a strong link with Italian and Spanish culture. 


Argentina Visa Eligibility Criteria

  1. Argentina Visa may be requested by any national citizen holding a valid passport of their nationality and citizenship.
  2. For tourism, families, or friends, a person wishing to visit Argentina can apply for an Argentina Visa. People who are looking for work in Argentina cannot apply for a Visa.
  3. For passengers travelling to Argentina, travel insurance is mandatory. Tourist Visa Online also provides passengers with travel insurance at a surcharge.

Documents Required for Argentina Visa

Business Visa

Without Invitation:

If the applicant wishes to visit Argentina without an invitation letter from an Argentinian firm beforehand, the following must be submitted.

  1. Request Form.
  2. Colored photos with white background and 80% face coverage, two passports sized.
  3. The cover letter on the company letterhead, signed by the company's higher management (a copy translated into the Spanish Language). Covering Letter The Consulate of Argentina should be addressed.
  4. Financial:
  • Last six months original Bank Statements with a bank seal, applicant's name, and account number.
  • Last three years ITR Personal and Company.
  • Last three months company salary slips.


With Invitation:

  1. If the applicant moves to Argentina on the invitation of an Argentine company, the company must begin proceedings at the office of the DNM Antartida Argentina 1355, C 1104ACA Buenos Aires, which will issue a letter of provision. The applicant is required to submit proceedings in the case of Buenos Aires. You must submit the following when you receive this letter.
  2. Form of Request
  3. Two 4x4 CM color photos on the right side, with a 3/4th profile on a light blue background, as shown in the example above.
  4. Covering letter (a copy in Spanish) on the letterhead of the Companies signed by the company's senior management officer. Covering Letter The Consulate of Argentina should be addressed.
  5. Financial:
  • Last six months original Bank Statements with a bank seal, applicant's name, and account number.
  • Last three years ITR Personal and Company.
  • Last three months company salary slips.

Tourist Visa

  1. Passport: Original passport for visa-stamping valid for more than six months and at least two blank pages.
  2. Visa Application Form
  3. Photo Specification: Two recent passport size white background colour photographs and 70% - 80% face coverage (40mm x 40mm). Please note that the photograph should be scanned/stapled and not used for a previous visa for no longer than three months. 
  4. Cover letter specifying dates of journeys, to bear travel costs, the reason for traveling (a copy translated into the Spanish language). 
  5. Confirm Returning Tickets
  6. Finance: 
  • The original Statement of Personal Bank with bank seal, name, and contact number of the individual in the bank for the last three months.
  • Last three years ITR.


Easy Steps to Get Argentina Visa

For getting Argentina Visa, you can follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Visit the website of Tourist Visa Online.
  2. Select your nationality, citizenship, and nation for which you want to apply for the Visa from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then click on the Apply visa option. A new page will appear where you have to select the type of Visa and period of the Visa.
  4. Then proceed to fill the Argentina Visa Application form. Please note that you must carefully fill in all the details so that you get your Visa approved without any issue.
  5. Then attach all the necessary documents that are required for an Argentina Visa.
  6. Finally, pay the fee for the Argentina Visa and submit your application.

The rest part is handled by the Tourist Visa Online team, who will review your application and proceed to the embassy and get your Visa approved. It is the best and easiest process that you can follow to get the Argentina Visa.

Final Words

So these are the Easy Steps to Get Argentina Visa. To apply for your Argentina Visa from Tourist Visa Online and visit the beautiful nation.

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