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Argentina is a land of wonders which are natural and man-made. In this diverse and incomparably unique country, there's so much to see from the glaciers and sky-scraping peaks of the Andes to the vineyards of Mendoza and the bustle of Mendoza. You do not need a visa for an initial tourist or business stay of up to 90 days if you are a U.S. or Canadian resident, only an undamaged passport with at least six months of validity remaining. You can also extend your tourist visa. Here's all the information on Argentina Visa Extension. With relatively liberal entry and exit policies, Argentina is a welcoming country. If you're planning a short visit, a longer-term stay, or eventual retirement, it provides a helpful selection of visa choices. 


You can extend the duration of your visa in two ways:

  1. Get ready for bureaucracy and visit the Buenos Aires Immigration Office Dirección Nacional de Migraciones for a 90-day extension on your tourist visa ( The fee for non-Mercosur residents is currently AR$600 (those from countries other than Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay). Interestingly enough, AR$600 is also the fee for overstaying your visa (but this can change).
  2. Another choice is to cross over to Colonia or Montevideo (both in Uruguay; Colonia can be a simple day trip) or to Chile for a day or two before your visa expires, then return with a new 90-day visa if you stay longer than three months. However, this only works if you don't need a visa to visit another country.

Important Points to Remember: 

  • For all tourist visa holders, the maximum stay period is up to 90 days, renewal may be done after these 90 days are over.
  • If you want to cross over to Uruguay and return to Argentina, immigration at the airport is simpler and quicker than at overland border crossings.

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  • The process of getting an Argentina visa is quick and easy if you choose to apply for an Argentina E visa: ETA.
  • All you need to do is choose the type of visa you want to apply for and then fill up the Argentina visa application form with your general and personal details and upload the required documents.
  • Pay the fees online through your Debit/Credit Card and submit the form. Once processed, you will get your approved visa via your registered E-mail ID. 


  • Valid an and Original Passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond the planned stay and at least 2 blank pages + all old passports if any
  • Completed Visa Application Form (Handwritten and signed with a blue pen if applying through an Argentina embassy and Digital form if applying online)
  • Two passport size photographs with clear background and, it should be recent.
  • Covering letter explaining the purpose of Travel
  • Original Bank Statement which should be stamped and updated in the last 3 months.
  • Income Tax Form
  • Return Flight Tickets
  • Proof of accommodation in Argentina

NOTE: The Embassy/Consult General is entitled to request more information or documentation and to request a private interview with the applicant.

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There are 5 major types of Argentina Visas:

  1. Tourist Visa- This type of visa is meant for people who want to visit Argentina for tourism and sightseeing.
  2. Business Visa Argentina- This type of visa is issued to foreigners who are visiting Argentina for Business or work-related matters.
  3. Medical Treatment Visa- This type of visa for people who are visiting Argentina to receive medical aid in an Argentina hospital/institution.
  4. Student Visa- This type of visa is issued to foreign students who want to pursue an education in an Argentina educational institute.
  5. Transit Visa-If you are visiting a country but you have to pass through Argentina, then you need Transit Visa.


  • In general, Argentine officials are courteous and sensible towards visitors. Electronic goods, including tablets, cameras, and cell phones, can be brought duty-free into the country if they are not intended for resale. However, if you have a lot of electronic equipment, getting a typed list of the things you are carrying (including serial numbers) or a pile of purchase receipts may be useful.
  • If you're from a neighboring nation entering Argentina, officials focus on various things. Drugs may be searched for by travelers southbound from the central Andean countries, while fruit and vegetables will be confiscated by those from neighboring countries. Carrying illegal drugs will get you into trouble, regardless of which country you come from.


  • It's easy to reach Argentina; immigration officials are normally fast and to the point at airports, while those at border crossings can take more time to scrutinize your documentation and belongings.
  • Before joining Argentina, Citizens of Canada have to pay a reciprocity fee.

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Before arriving in Argentina, people from certain countries have to pay a reciprocity fee; if you book your airplane fare, you'll hopefully be reminded of this. This fee is equivalent to what is being paid to Argentines for visas to enter those countries. Via credit card, you will have to pay this charge online; see and click on 'Reciprocity Fee.'

Fees for Canadians are US$78, fine up to a month before your passport expires. As laws can change quickly, check current regulations.


  • To visit Argentina, residents of Canada, most Western European countries, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa. Upon arrival, most tourists receive a stamp on their passport for 90 days. A significant 'reciprocity charge' must be charged by Canadians before arriving.
  • Theoretically, dependent children traveling without both parents require a notarized document certifying that both parents consent to travel with the child. Parents may also wish to bring a copy of the custody form; there is a fair chance, however, that this document will not be requested.
  • Very brief visits to neighboring nations often do not require visas, depending on your nationality. For eg, as long as you return on the same day, you will not be asked for a Brazilian visa to cross from the Argentine town of Puerto Iguazú to Foz do Iguaçu, but doing so is at your own risk.
  • In the Bolivian border town of Villazón, near La Quiaca, the same is true. Officials may offer day stamps at Paraguayan crossings, however. For the latest situation, review existing regulations.

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The above-mentioned information covers everything related to Argentina Visa Extension.

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