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The Republic of Albania can now apply for an Argentina ETA visa. Albania falls into the list of 87 countries that are eligible for Argentina's ETA visa. If you are from Albania and were planning for so long to apply for an Argentina visa for Albania citizen but we're canceling your plans Because of the long and time-consuming process.



Now you don't have to cancel your plans again because now you are eligible to apply for Argentina ETA visa online. Now you can have fun in Argentina with your family and friends up to 90 days if you apply for Argentina's multiple entry visas. So what are you waiting to hurry up to apply for Argentina's ETA visa now?

Albania tourist for Argentina visa

Albania passport holders travel to 114 countries and territories across the world with Visa on arrival and some of them are Visa-free countries. Albanian passport ranking is in 54th position in the World's strongest passports.  

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can citizens of Albania travel without a Visa?

A. Citizens of Albania who have Albanian passports can travel across 114 countries without a visa in which one is Argentina. the many more countries also in which Albania passport holders can travel without the weather like Canada, China, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Brunei, Australia, Bahamas, And many more. Albania citizens having Albanian passport travel without visas can travel to 114 countries. 

Q. What is the procedure for applying for an Argentina visa for Albania citizens? 

A. There is a simple procedure for applying for an Argentina visa. You have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Check the validity of your Albanian passport. If it is valid for more than 6 months you can go for step two but if it is not valid for more than 6 months you can apply for renewal of your Albania passport.
  • Visit And fill the three simple information required like the country of planning to visit, you are holding the passport of which country, in which country you are living at present.
  • Now, wait for a team to respond to your application.
  • Be ready for your documents like passport size photograph, to know the specifications of the photograph click here.
  • Start researching related to your stay in Argentina.
  • After your application has been selected following the documentation process. To know about the documents required click here.

Q. Is Albania a Schengen country?

A. No Albania does not fall in Schengen it is one of the European countries but that does not mean it is all Schengen.

Q. Are Albania citizens safe in Argentina?

A. Yes, Albanian citizens are safe in Argentina. In the recent few years, there has been no case of misbehavior of violence against any tourist in Argentina. But in case anyone is misbehaving or doing violence you can contact the local police as soon as possible.

Q. How to get a tourist visa for Argentina if I am from Albania?

A. You can get a tourist visa for Argentina just by simply following the process of Argentina's ETA visa. You have to visit our website Here you can apply for Argentina's visa. Firstly you have to fill the application form after which our team will connect to you and then and you have to submit the required documents. The next step is to pay Argentina's visa fee through net banking or your debit or credit cards. 

Q. Is it important to exchange your money while traveling to Argentina?

A. Yes, it is important to exchange your money before traveling if you do not want to face problems such as a shortage of money. If you exchange money all the time you can travel as much as you can without thinking about the shortage of money. I would suggest you keep a good amount of cash with you if you are a shopaholic.

Q. Will Argentina grants Visa-free access to Albania citizens?

A. Albania citizens can travel to many countries with a free Visa but in the case of Argentina Albania citizens require a valid ETA visa to enter Argentina 

Q. What will happen if an Albanian citizen is found illegally in Argentina?

A. If you are found legally in Argentina it is considered a criminal offense and you can be prisoned for 1 year in addition to this you also have to pay some amount of fine for your behavior.It is better for you to not adopt any of these ways to enter Argentina Otherwise you will face a big problem.



Every year many citizens of Albania travel Argentina in huge numbers which is increasing every year. you can also apply for Argentina's visa and get your visa quickly in your hands. Don't wait for so long to apply for an Argentina visa for Albania citizens now.

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