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With an absolutely diverse environment, Argentina has been a place that most people always want to travel to. A stretch of dry deserts, mountains, big and glamorous glaciers are all a part of the wonder you find in Argentina. If you will be planning to visit such a vast place, not only will you have to think about the itinerary wisely but you also need to think whether you are from Argentina visa-free countries to enjoy all these wonderful places for free? And if you find out that the answer to this is no then there is no time to waste and you can do your very best at booking the visa through Tourist Visa Online while we will also take care of all the needs that may come across your way.


  • Visa exempted countries to Argentina
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Visa exempted countries to Argentina

While there are two categories that are present, one, those who need an Argentina visa to enter the country, and two, those who do not need a visa. Here is a list that will help you to get to know about those who are exempted from taking an Argentina travel visa:

Any EU country Andorra Armenia Australia Barbados Belarus
Canada Costa Rica Dominica El Salvador Fiji Georgia
Grenada Guatemala Guyana Hong Kong Honduras Iceland
Israel Jamaica (30 Days) Japan Kazakhstan (30 Days) Liechtenstein Macau  (30 Days) *
Malaysia (up to 30 days) Mexico Monaco Mongolia Montenegro New Zealand
Nicaragua North Macedonia Norway Panama Qatar Russia
Saint Kitts Saint Lucia Saint Vincent San Marino Serbia Singapore
South Africa South Korea Malta Suriname Switzerland Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United States Vatican City

All of these mentioned are those countries who have got permission to enter Argentina for about 90 days and stay for free. While these are people who would need a passport, there are countries that can enter with just the help of an ID card and can be given as follows:

Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia
Ecuador Paraguay Peru Uruguay

All of these countries citizens will be able to enter for 90 days with the help of an ID card and do not necessarily require a passport to be taken. There are others who are valid for a stay of only up to 30 days and can be given as follows:

  • Jamaica
  • Kazakhstan
  • Macau
  • Malaysia

All of these are the countries that come under the visa-free countries and can travel without having to worry about the visa requirements or any of the applications.


  • Will Argentina grant visa-free access to the citizens of Moldova?

No, as Moldova country has not been specified in the list of those countries that can travel without a visa, Moldova citizens will not be granted visa-free access to Argentina.

  • Is it true that the citizens of Nepal are not permitted into the country without having a visa?

No there is no such restriction being imposed but as Nepal is not listed in the visa exemption list, the citizens will probably have to take a visa before they travel to Argentina.

  • Is overstay possible if I want to stay for a longer period in Argentina?

An overstay is possible but only for a short period of time as mentioned by the authorities. But as the visa-free countries need not take a visa they will have to exit the country after the visit date has been expired. This is because as the visit is free, you need to exit the country after you have run out of the date and then enter only after having a gap of about 30 days or more to be eligible for a visa-free stay. However, if you want to stay longer then you can also have a visa taken. However, if you are on a visa-free visit then also you can stay for a longer period provided you have valid reasons to do so.

Hence if you want to stay in Argentina and travel without a visa then you will have to be from one of the countries as listed in the Argentina visa-free countries list.

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