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From the mighty Iguazú Drop in the subtropical north to the thunder, the crackling advance of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the south, Argentina is home to a massive natural wonderland. A large part of it is diversity. There is a spectacular range of species, from penguins and flamingos to capybaras, giant anteaters, whales, herds of guanaco, and more. Stunning sights abound in this vast country and great adventure awaits. It is a must-visit destination.

Let's learn about Argentina Visa on Arrival in this article.


A visa upon arrival means that travelers must obtain a visa to reach the destination country, but it can be obtained upon arrival. Travelers do not have to apply for a travel visa beforehand. Visa on arrival is when, upon arrival in the country of destination, applicants and travelers will be issued a license. You will need to wait more than an hour at the airport to get a visa on arrival, the authorities will check your documents, and make sure you have all your documents with you. If your journey is unplanned and you need to visit a country in an emergency, the best option is to obtain a visa on arrival. 

To visit Argentina, residents of Canada, most Western European countries, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa. Upon arrival, most tourists receive a stamp on their passport for 90 days. A large 'reciprocity fee' must be charged by Canadians before arriving. Except for these countries, no other country is eligible for Argina Visa on Arrival.

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It's like getting an Argentina visa online without waiting at the airport. Pay the appropriate fees online once submitted, and then the applicant will be told whether or not the visa has been issued. You would not have to send a passport by courier or visit the Argentina Embassy or Consulate. The Argentina E-visa is a much easier way to get a visa because you won't have to wait for your papers to be checked at the airport, as is the case with the arrival visa. 


You will need a few documents to complete your application form as you have to upload all the required forms with the application. The forms required are as follows:

  • A Valid Passport-The passport must be valid for at least six more months starting on the date on which you plan to leave Argentina. It must have two blank pages, at least.
  • Photocopy of your Passport- The personal information and any prior and current visas should be shown.
  • Two Passport Size Photographs with a white background and with neutral facial expression. It should be a recent picture.
  • Return booked flight tickets to your home country.
  • Proof of residence like hotel bookings in Argentina.
  • Proof of Financial means to cover your stay in Argentina.
  • For minors: Travel permit of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) is required, legalized by the Consulate or Embassy of Argentina or by Apostille.

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There are Three Major types of Argentina Visas; Short-term Visas and Long-Term Visas and Transit Visa. Short-term visas and Long-term visas have subcategories.


  • Tourist Visas- This type of visa is issued to foreign nationals who are visiting Argentina for sightseeing.
  • Business Visas- Foreigners visiting Argentina for work-related purposes shall opt for this type of visa.
  • Medical Treatment Visa- It is for the foreign nationals who want to visit Argentina to Medical Aid from any Argentina Medical Institutions. 
  • Journalist Visa- It is issued to the members of the media department who are visiting Argentina for work.


  • Work Visas- It is for the foreign citizens who have a job in Argentina and your employer arranges your work visa.
  • Student Visas- Foreign Students who are pursuing their education from Argentina are supposed to opt for this Visa. They will have to provide their NOC and College/School ID Card.
  • Family Visas- If you want to join your family member who's a citizen or resident of Argentina, then this is the visa you should look for.
  • Investment Visas-It is issued to foreign nationals who invest money into trade or activity in Argentina.


The Transit Visa for Argentina shall be given to foreign nationals entering the territory of Argentina to travel to a third country. The Argentine transit visa is valid for 10 days. The visa can be expanded in exceptional circumstances by the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones. 

A transit visa is not required for travelers who change planes at an Argentina airport but do not leave the transit area and their stay is less than 12 hours.

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With the exception of nationals and citizens of neighboring countries who may enter only via the Port of Buenos Aires (Buquebus Terminal) and the Province of Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, the border is closed to the majority of non-resident foreign travelers. There is also a suspension of daily international commercial flights.

  • The steps for monitoring the spread of COVID-19 were extended until at least midnight on 20 December.
  • Except for the Bariloche and Dina Huapi metropolitan areas (province of Rio Negro) and Puerto Deseado (province of Santa Cruz), which remain under mandatory social isolation (i.e. lockdown), the majority of the country is now in a period of compulsory social isolation. The restrictions imposed can vary from one jurisdiction to another.
  • You must cover your nose and mouth with a face mask or other garment in all parts of the world if you go out in public.
  • Argentine nationals and citizens returning from abroad must undergo self-isolation for 14 days and monitor their symptoms.
  • Nationals and citizens of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay traveling for tourism to the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Region are entitled to enter and must have obtained a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result no more than 72 hours prior to arrival and receive medical insurance covering the cost of care for coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Everyone has to install the "CuidAR" software on their device.
  • A Health Declaration form must now also be completed electronically by passengers within 48 hours before the flight.

NOTE: It is uncertain when commercial flights will resume for tourism purposes. When official information becomes available, we will update this travel alert.


  1. A passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry, preferably after the date on which the passport holder leaves the country, is required from anyone entering Argentina.
  2. Police can also request identification at any time while you are in Argentina (but rarely do without reason), so at least bring a photocopy of your passport at all times, it would also be useful to access government buildings, get tax-free transactions, change money at a store, etc.

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The above-mentioned information covers every detail about Argentina Visa on Arrival and other related topics like Argentina Visa types, Argentina Travel Restrictions, and Argentina Visa Requirements.

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