do i need a visa for argentina

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If you actually think there are no fewer things to run out of from doing in Argentina, this place unlike any other you know might have not only a lot of places to visit but also a lot of thrill-filled adventure places. Trying to find it out by yourself and going is all fine and can surely be the top of your list if and only if you have already booked yourself a visa, but wait, do I need a visa for Argentina? This question might surely cross your mind and it is only time to know the answer so here is whether you need one or not as given by Tourist Visa Online.


  • Visa exemption while travelling to Argentina
  • Transiting through Argentina
  • ETA for foreigners
  • Travel certificate for foreigners
  • FAQs

Visa exemption while travelling to Argentina

Yes, it is true you can be exempted from taking an Argentina visa to travel to Argentina but is it possible if you are not from a country that has not been mentioned in the list? Well, that is definitely not possible and hence it is an absolute must that you check out the Argentina visa-free countries list to make sure you are not the one who needs to take a visa. The list will also let you know whether you can actually stay for 90 days or are there other conditions you need to follow. 

Transiting through Argentina

While it is a fact that you need to take a transit visa if you are to transit through another country which you are not a citizen of, what you don’t know is that there are some countries that allow free transiting as well for the foreigners that enter and stay at the airport itself. Well, one form these countries is Argentina which allows its visitors who are transiting to enter and stay for free for about 12 hours until their next flight and you must also note that this is possible only if you will be staying inside the airport o the station itself. If you want to get out or even stay for more than 12 hours you will have to take a tourist visa to be eligible.

ETA for foreigners

So an ETA is possible to be taken by all those who have a B2 visa which has been either issued by the Schengen states or by the US. this ETA will take up to 10 days to be issued. However due to its restriction for only those who have a B2 visa not many people can obtain this. Hence it is said that the best decision is to get a visa that can be applied for much more easily.

Travel certificate for foreigners

While visas are to be issued for those that need t there are some who needs to hold a travel certificate that has been issued by the Argentina government and the list of countries can be given as follows:

  • Kosovo
  • Nauru
  • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
  • Taiwan
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu

All of these countries citizens will be needed to hold a travel document to enter the country.


  • I am a citizen of Kuwait and will I be granted a free entry without a visa or my passport?

Being from a country that has not been listed on the visa exemption list, Kuwait citizens are required to hold both a valid Argentina visa and a passport in order to enter Argentina.

  • Is it safe to travel to Argentina right now?

Yes, it is definitely safe to travel to Argentina right now provided you take all the preventive measures before the travel commences.

So do I need a visa for Argentina, it may be needed or it may not be needed. But all of this depends on the list of the countries that can enter for free.

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