how to check argentina visa status

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Planing to travel to Argentina? Then you are sure not to run out of fun things to do in here! Not only cool things, but there is also no lack of both culture and nature wonders that is all ready to astonish you once you are here. You might surely have booked your visa but, it is sure that you might get anxious about when you will be receiving it, and hence here is how to check Argentina visa status for your wonderful trip to Argentina! Tourist Visa Online not only gives out visas but is also responsible to let you know all about your Argentina Visa and where it has reached right before it reaches your hands!


  • Applying for Argentina visa
  • Checking Argentina visa status
  • Documents required to check visa status
  • Steps to check the visa status
  • FAQs

Applying for Argentina visa

Though it is hard to apply for a visa through online sites, Touristvisaonline has made the best of arrangements so that you never feel like it is very difficult for you. Hence here is a good opportunity to check which countries need a visa for Argentina and if you are one of them then you definitely need to apply for one. Also keeping in mind that you need not worry about the Argentina visa process for application nor do you need to worry about the visa status as they can all be checked by just keeping in touch with us.

Checking Argentina visa status

Once you are done with the application of the visa then everything seems very easy but you kind of feel anxious about when and how you will be getting the visa or whether you will get it or not. This is exactly why you will get an opportunity to check the visa status all by yourself by just following some steps and having some documents all being ready.

Documents required to check visa status

When you say documents, you might think that you might need at least five or more of the documents you got for the application to check out the status, but this is really not the case as you just need about two different documents and that is it, you need not have anything else. In fact, you can check the status even if you are on a travel or on a trip with our family. That’s how simple it is! The following documents required for Argentina Visa :

  • Your passport number which was used to apply for the visa
  • Your application form number which had been mailed to you right after you had filled the fees. 

With just these two documents you are set to check and with just some steps you will also come to know about the details. 

Steps to check the visa status

The steps are quite simple and can be given as follows:

Step 1: Go onto the main website of Touristvisaonline

Step 2: Click on the track visa status

Step 3: Enter both the details as asked

Step 4: Click on check status

Step 5: You will now be redirected where you will get the status in which you can either ask the executives for some information on the same.

That’s it you are all set.


  • Is it possible to get the visa status directly delivered to me rather than having to go to the website and check?

Surely you can get your visa status delivered to you through your mail and hence you would not need to go to the website and check.

  • What if the visa status has come as pending for approval can I still travel to Argentina?

No in such a case you will not be able to travel to Argentina as it has not been confirmed yet. You will have to wait until the visa has been confirmed.

  • Does someone from Nigeria need a visa to travel to Argentina?

Yes, it is necessary for a person from Nigeria to apply for an Argentina visa before travel.

Now that you know how to check Argentina visa status you can definitely have yours applied now as well!

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