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Argentina is an incredible country that has something to offer to each and every tourist. From the jagged mountainous Patagonia to the busy city of Buenos Aires, the country is a must visit for every traveler at least once in their lifetime. If you are in search of the best wines in the world, lush green landscapes, wonderful skiing experience, or the cultural knowledge, the country delivers everything to the top of its capability.

There are several tourist attractions in Argentina that we have mentioned in this article about the Must visits in Argentina. Read this till the end to gain some knowledge before you visit this magnificent country. 


The South American country is famous for satisfying nature lovers and adventure seekers. Let us look at some of the places that you should visit if you plan on visiting this country:


If you like massive glaciers, then this is the right place for you. Here’s a fun fact: The Perito Moreno glacier is the world’s largest advancing glacier. If you are heading on during the summer season, you will be lucky to witness a chunk of iceberg which would be followed by a loud echo across the region. You can take a short walk across the glacier and take a look at it through different angles. You can also sign up for the boat tour and go along 500 meters along the glacier walls. This is indeed one of the best places to visit if you visit the country. 

Best time to visit: This place is situated in Patagonia, and just like most of it, the best time to visit this place is between November to April. The glacier is accessible the most during the time and the view is also amazing.


If you love wine or not, this place welcomes each and every tourist. You can take a stroll around this place and learn more about the history of the land and its transformation into a wine flourishing countryside. Look out for the wine sections and try out some of your choice. You will get to experience all this with the beautiful view of Andes range. You can also enjoy some of the best celebrations in Argentina here at this vineyard. 

Best time to visit: People consider visiting this place between October to April. During the months of October and November and March and April the temperatures are way milder than the height of the summer season. Also, during the fall, the landscape is amazing.

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Your trip to this country cannot end without visiting this iconic place. This is one of the largest waterfalls of the world as is definitely a place you should visit. You can reach this place by flying directly to the Puerto Iguazu airport and spend some days exploring this UNESCO world heritage site. To immerse yourself into some adventure, you can also take a tram ride through the jungle and view the amazing waterfall at Devil's throat. You can also try the helicopter ride if you want a full experience of this place. This place is also easily reachable through Brazil, and hence is considered as one of the best Brazil tourist attractions.

 Best time to visit: This waterfall can be visited all around the year. But if you are not that fond of crowds, and want to enjoy the scene with a much quieter surrounding, then you can visit here between the months of July to October and February to April.


Exploring Buenos Aires could be a fun activity to do. There are certain things in Buenos Aires that would certainly attract you to know more and learn more about the country. Also regarded as the Paris of Argentina, this is the place where you can find several museums and other attractions. You can sign up for a tango class and grab dinner at a restaurant of your choice. The museums in Buenos Aires will tell you more about the heritage of the country in depth. 

Best time to visit: You can get warm weather in this city from October to March. The months between December to February are the hottest. Hence, the best time to visit the city is October and November. 


You can head to the southernmost city in the world that is located in this country. This city is also referred to as the end of the world. You can catch a train from here and reach Tierra del fuego national park and spend a day hiking the trails along the park. Immerse in the beautiful landscape and wilderness of the place. You can also try a fun thing by stopping at the post office at Ensenada Bay and get your passport stamped with the end of the world stamp that you can later show off. 

Best time to visit: Since it is located at the southernmost part of the world; there is a small window to visit this place. The months between December and March are the best although.

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If you love sea animals, you can visit the favorite spot in the country to spot whales. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site that houses several other animals. They are sea lions, elephant seals, whales, several birds, and penguins. If you visit this place during the breeding season, you can also witness some scenes where the whales fight over claiming their mate. Not situated far from Puerto Madryn, the Valdes peninsula should be definitely visited. 

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this place is during the whale season which starts from June and lasts till December. However, you can also visit this place during July and February. 


This is a heaven for the outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy climbing and trekking surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. Most of the hikes in the country start from here. The views around the village are worth experience. This place should definitely land up into the list of places you are planning to visit when you visit the country. 

Best time to visit: The weather around Patagonia is unpredictable. But when you are hiking, your first priority should be the daylight hours. Hence, from late December to late February would be the best time to visit and hike the trails. During these months the daylight stays for longest hours and would give you enough time. 

Indulging in adventure activities, visiting heritage sites, knowing the culture and tasting some Argentine cuisine should be on the bucket list of every avid traveler. These must visits in Argentina are just a small piece of wonder that the country holds. There is much more beauty in the country than what an article can hold. So, do not wait, tie your shoes, pack your bags, and head into this wonderful and majestic country.

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