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Argentina houses the best of adventure, heritage, history, and culture for its visitors. Visiting this country will provide you with everything that you seek before visiting a country. Argentina also houses several mountains, lush green landscapes, and a unique culture that every tourist should experience. The top Argentina tour spots give a sense of accomplishment for the visitors.

The Latin America’s most sought destination is a treat for the eyes indeed. We have tried to curate the best and top Argentina experiences that the people visiting Argentina for the first time can look into and get some ideas. Read this article till the end to get ideas.


Round up the best of Argentina from hiking, tango, fishing, skiing, literature, heritage, culture, and so much more. We have made the top list one could ever put their hand upon.


The Andes stretches almost through the western edge of Argentina. This amazing range offers the top hiking experience, high deserts and scenic lakes all around. The country’s highest peak, which is often referred as the roof of the Americas is also situated in the Andes. The world heritage site Quebrada De Humahuaca is also located at the northwest side of Argentina going all the way to Bolivia. The scene is harsh but spectacular. A dry sourced river canyon is also situated there whose sedimentary strata has eroded into the scalloped mountains forming a spectrum of colors in undulating waves. The place is extremely picturesque and is definitely one of the top famous sites of Argentina.


There are normal waterfalls, and then there isIguazu waterfall whose view is jaw dropping. The noise and power of the rapids live forever in the memories. The setting of the waterfall is an added benefit. It is located between Argentina and Brazil covered with rainforests and national parks on the top. The waterfall can be reached from both Argentina and Brazil easily. People from Paraguay can also visit this fall very easily and immerse in its never ending beauty.

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The capital city of Argentina is also one of the most exhilarating cities in the entire world.   Buenos Aires is the house of some of the historical places in Argentina.  You will get to experience the astounding art, fabulous neighborhood, wonderful Argentina cuisine, and engaging culture in this city. Camp with the locals and enjoy the night spending time with them and knowing more about the culture of Argentina. You can also witness the amazing high leg tango shows in San Telmo and munch on the steaks at Palermo’s Las Canitas. You can also visit the Recoleta cemetery and wander around there to experience a serene moment. The famous people from Argentina and the rich people are buried there.


We all know that Argentina houses some of the world’s best ice fields. The Glaciar Perito Moreno is the centerpiece of the Parque nacional Los Glaciares of the southern sector. This glacier is 30 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide and 60 meters high. The exceptional thing about this place is the ice buildup. The buildup goes for up to 2 meters per day. This causes the emergence of building sized icebergs from its face. The thrill of visiting this amazing and unique place is high among the tourists.


If you have seen enough of the Argentina scenery, then you can try out this extremely fun activity. Tango is one of the most sophisticated dance forms in the world. This unique outdoor experience can be enjoyed along with the locals over a bonfire. You can also head on to the bandstand at Barrancas de Belgrano Park situated in Buenos Aires. Here, the casual milonga La Glorieta takes place every week on Sunday evening at around 8 PM. You can also take up the tango lessons that are given free before this event. Head out and try this awesome experience with your loved one.


Tagged as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Peninsula valdes is one of the finest wildlife reserves in South America. The total area of this place is around 3600 square kilometers with a coastline of 400 kilometers. There is an abundance of tourists visiting this place in Argentina every year. The wildlife enthusiasts can experience the wide range of animals present here including the sea lions, guanacos, elephant seals, penguins, and various seabirds. The biggest attraction of this place is the endangered ballena franca austral, which is also known as the southern right whale.

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Another unique experience that you can enjoy in Argentina is wine tasting. Maipu, a small town in Argentina which is situated near Mendoza houses several wineries. It is also Argentina well known places. The place in Argentina also houses various olive oil farms and also other gourmet businesses. They always greet their guests with utmost respect and give complimentary tasting of their sample product when you visit the wineries.

There are also a few companies in the small town in Argentina that rent bikes and also electric scooters. You can enjoy the ride on those through the lush green landscape. Make sure, however, not to drink and drive.


This end of the earth location is the most beautiful thing that you will witness in Argentina. These mystical islands are mesmerizing and cut off from the northern world by Magellan. The travelers from the corners of the world flock here to have a glimpse of the end of the continent that leads the way over to Antarctica from Argentina. You will experience the beautiful lush green scenery along with the snow capped peaks from all the sides.This is no doubt, one of the best experiences in Argentina that you should try.


If you are very much into the tradition of Argentina, you can visit the gaucho tradition of Argentina and encounter the diverse wildlife. Visit the Posadas and Ibera wetlands and experience the perfect adventure tour by riding a horse and indulging in various other activities. You can also visit the San Ignacio Mini Jesuit Missions is one of the historical places in Argentina and experience the cultural side of Argentina with this top experience.

Other than all these, you can also indulge in the various hiking trails and get that adrenaline rush with several other experiences. The things mentioned above are the top Argentina experiences that each and every person traveling for the first time must try out.

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