How to Apply Armenia Visa For Cuba Nationals

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If you're hoping to visit Armenia, you might not need to apply for a Armenia visa by any means. The Armenia visa strategy permits without visa passage to individuals from a huge gathering of Cuba nations, and has given the choice of visa on appearance or online to a few others. 


Three Ways of Applying for an Armenian Visa 

There are 3 choices for all the travelers for applying for an Armenian visa are as follows:-  

On appearance. Most ethnicities can apply for an Armenia visa on landing in one of the air terminals or land line designated spots in Armenia. 

Online system. An Armenia eVisa entry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. Any individual who is qualified for a VOA can get a eVisa any before flight to the country.

At one of the government offices or departments of Armenia abroad. In case any candidate is not qualified for a particular visa on the appearance of their entrance, you can apply at Armenia immigration office. 

Applying For An Armenia eVisa 

In case you are qualified for a Armenia visa on appearance, you are likewise qualified to apply for the Armenia eVisa. You can apply for the eVisa through the internet based Visa Issuance System of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

You need to enter your identity, insights about your excursion, just as the visa charge installment. For the Armenia eVisa cost you need to check out the particular platform where you are going to apply for.

Applying For An Armenia Visa At An Embassy 

If you are from one of the Cuba nations, you need to apply for an Armenia visa at an Embassy. You can also apply online as well as offline. You can choose as per your convenience. The support sponsor are as follows:- 

A juridical individual An Armenian power 

International organization - representative

The letter must be fixed and endorsed by the top of the institution. 

The letter must be composed on the authority letterhead of the institution 

It should contain data about your excursion, similar to the dates of appearance and takeoff 

The enticing association should append the testament of enlistment and state enrollment code 

The greeting should contain the accompanying data about you (the visitor) written in capital letters in a similar request as underneath: 

Visa type (common, strategic, and so forth),The visa number,  your visa given by country, Visa legitimacy validity, Your citizenship country, your telephone or mobile number, Occupation, gender, first name and last name, Center name, Date of birth, Spot of birth by state, locale, and city, Address by state, district, and city and nationality etc.

The enticing association needs to pay an expenses for the Armenia visa through bank move to the consular branch of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Armenia Visa Requirements For Cuba Nationals

At the point when you apply for an Armenian visa, you want to give the accompanying documents are as follows:-

  1. A legitimate visa for at least an additional half year from the date of entry. 
  2. Armenia visa application form . 
  3. A passport size photo of yourself candidate traveling to another country). Applying on the web, the image should be computerized or coloured).
  4. Travel agenda, for example, flight tickets or subtleties of your outing. 
  5. Confirmation of accommodation in Armenia. For example an inn reservation or a greeting letter if you will remain with family members or companions. 
  6. Installment of the Armenia visa charge. 

In the case of applying Armenia visa online

  1. A substantial email address 
  2. A credit card, debit card or paypal to pay the visa expense required for visa. 

If applying at an Embassy: Invitation from the sponsor in Armenia. 

Any extra documents as mentioned by the government office or department, contingent upon the justification for travelling.

How Long Can you Stay in Armenia With a Valid Visa 

There are various options for Armenian visa and their validity are given for the accompanying are as follows:- 

Single entry, multiple entry for various days such as 90 days, 120 days, 180 days, long term, short term visas and all other validity visas. To select any visa you need to choose the category of Armenian visa such as Transit visa, Tourist visa etc.

Visas given at the Embassy can fluctuate in term, contingent upon the reason for movement. Visa-absorbed identities can remain in Armenia for as long as 180 days inside a year.



Armenia visa is required to apply by the Cuba nationals before visiting or arriving in the country. Cuba nationals can apply for an Armenia visa via online or at the embassy/ consulate. You can apply for an Armenia visa online through our website Tourist visa online. It is the best way to get a visa by applying at home.

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