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Talking about the application process for an Armenia visa, it is quite simple provided you know the important steps and what documents you need. This will only be possible if you get an idea of the steps and requirements both! Armenia visa application form is an online form that is available on most of online travel agency portals. One of the things that make tourist visa online’s application form is that it is not only easy to complete but you can also wrap up the process which hardly needs any time!

The visa, however, is provided by the ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Armenia. Let’s take a quick review of the ministry of foreign affairs and how they work towards development!

Ministry of foreign affairs in the Republic of Armenia:

This ministry operates under the government of Armenia and was established in 1918. This ministry is considered to be the state body of executive power which means that they simplify and implement all the foreign policy related to the government of Armenia. This ministry is also said to manage all the diplomatic services which will be needed to run the country. There are missions that the ministry of public affairs needs to follow and can be given as below:

  • Increasing the foreign security of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Having the external conditions maintained so that the development of Armenia takes on smoothly.
  • Playing a role as a representative of the Republic of Armenia on international grounds of the development.
  • Having more deep ties established between the foreign countries and Armenia.
  • Having a friendly and cooperative environment with foreign countries.
  • Protection of the Armenian citizens living abroad and also protecting the interests of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Having a stable, cooperative, and peaceful environment for the citizens of Armenia to live in.

Application procedure in detail:

Getting to know about the procedure in detail is a must so that you can apply for the visa in an effective way and without wasting a lot of time. Here’s how to do it! 

Steps involved:


Step 1: Entering details of nationality:

Giving the details about the nationality is the first and foremost step that needs to be taken. The nationality and the nation you are currently residing in are to be mentioned. This can change and hence there will be two columns where you can enter them separately.

Step 2: Selecting from the types of visa options available:

Having two to three options of visas will let you choose the one that is best suited for you. You can also check for detailed information which will be giving and in any cases of queries, contacting us is just a message or a call away. 

Step 3: Attachment of documents and form filling for Armenia visa:

You can now go one step forward and fill in all the details. Mentioning only valid details is really important and must be taken care of while filling in the form. After filling in attaching the documents will be the next step. You can take a look at the Armenia visa requirements to get an idea about the documents to be attached.

Step 4: Payment for Armenia visa:

Once you wrap up with the above steps you need to make a payment that will be accessible through any of the mediums which have been mentioned. As tourist visa online accepts all sorts of payment you will probably face no problems and if at all there is some problem that you face all you need to do is send an email and it will be solved for you.

Step 5: Tracking of Armenia visa:

Keep a track on the visa processing although you will be getting updates about it. Keeping this track will help you get an estimate of when you will acquire the visa so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

With the above five steps, you will be all set for your trip! 

Why tourist visa online?

This is a doubt that is common to all the first time appliers out there. Well, don’t worry your doubt will be solved once you get the reasons as to why tourist visa online should be your choice!

1. Fee:

Well, this is the most important factor that one looks for while applying for a visa. The embassy as most of you all know will charge you some extra pennies that are not even required for the visa. This is why the visa fee spikes up real fast. With tourist visa online you can stay assured about the reasonable visa fee.

2. Service:

Getting a visa extremely fast? Well, now that’s a big deal when you apply for a visa through the embassy. However, you can get this visa issued to you in less than 2 days' time when you apply through tourist visa online!

3. Tracking of visa:

Now that is a problem you face when you apply through an embassy! They do not provide any tracking systems and you will also have to roam about to get your visa updates. This can be avoided by tracing your visa online!

Think you need more reasons, well these three reasons are sure to make up your mind!


Q. Is a visa application for transit visa possible through tourist visa online?

You may not get to apply for a transit visa; however, you can apply for this through the official website 

Q. Will the Armenia visa application take a lot of time?

If time is what you are worried about, you need not worry as it will hardly take moments!

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