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Armenia is one of the earliest Christian nations of the world, so all the christens from around the world visit this place and not only Christians people visit here ay day. Many sights attract the tourist from all around the world like the UNESCO sites such as “Monasteries Of Haghpat and churches of Echmiatsin and the Sanahin Cathedral ” there are many archaeological sites also there. Being a tourist people won’t regret going there. alongside the tourist can pair the same with the Skies, mountain trek, and a beach trip. 

There are certain visa requirements for the visa of Armenia, but it is not that difficult to get the visa of Armenia. The visa application process is very simple as the tourist needs to present their passport at the airport and they can get the visa on arrival, they have to pay visa fees. There is also another way of getting the visa, a tourist traveling to Armenia can apply online but they have to apply 3 days in advance before their arrival.

Armenia visa on arrival for Filipinos

There are certain requirements for the visa on arrival for Armenia, that the person needs to fulfill. If they are not able to fulfill the requirements then the visa application form will be rejected and if the tourist traveling gives half information or incorrect information then also the visa application form will be rejected.


Documents that are required for the Visa on the arrival of Armenia

Here is the list of documents that are required for the visa on arrival.

  • Passport 

The tourist must carry the passport with him, which has the validity of at least 6 months before visiting the country. 

  • Application form 

The tourist must fill the application form,  which is provided at the airport. 

  • Passport size photograph 

The tourist must carry a passport size photograph, which is not more than 6 months old. The dimensions of the photograph should be 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm. 

  • Return ticket or onward ticket 

If the tourist is traveling from Armenia, then the person is required to have a transit visa, for that he or she needs to show proof of onward travel. When the person is staying in Armenia, then he or she must show the return ticket that will prove that he or she will leave the country.


  • Travel itinerary 

The tourist must show the hotel or the accommodation booking, where the person will stay during his or her stay in the country. 

  • Visa fees

The tourist must pay the visa fees that are required for them to pay. 

The validity of the visa is for 21 days and it can be extended up to 120 days. This is a single entry visa which means that if the person leaves the country then he can’t come to the country again. He or she has to take a visa to enter the country. 

The processing time for the visa in a case on an online application is for 3 business days. It is advised that the tourist traveling to Armenia they must take the e-visa 3 days before their visit. 

Few conditions are attached with the visa on arrival of Armenia, 

The tourist Must arrive at the following ports or the stations,  the reason being entry from these stations is allowed:-

  • Yerevan - Zvartnots International Airport 
  • Gyumri - Shirak Airport 
  • Aurum - Aurum railway station      
  • from Georgia - Bagratashen, Tavush, Bavra, Shirak, Gogavan, Lori 
  • from Iran - Meghri, Syunik

Armenia visa fees for the tourist visa

There is the step by step guide on how the visa fees are paid:-

Step 1

The tourist must prepare all the documents beforehand, and the tourist must scan those documents for the visa application 

Step 2 

After that, the tourist can go to the official site or the Tourist Visa Online for the visa application. 

Step 3 

Then the tourist can apply for the e-visa, after that you need to enter the email address, that email address should be genuine because all the visa details will be given on the email address. 


Step 4 

This is the most important step as the person needs to fill in their personal details such as:- 

  • upload all the scanned documents and upload the picture 
  • upload the bio page of the passport and the hotel bookings which must be in the name of the person traveling.
  • The duration of the stay, for how much period the person is staying in the country 
  • The purpose of the visit of the persontravelingg to Armenia.
  • Check all the information before submitting, any incorrect information or half information will result in rejection of the visa application form. 

Step 5

Then the touristtravelingg must pay the visa fees. 

Step 6

Then the confirmationn email willbe sentd to the person, and after 3 days of processing the person will get the visa on their email address. 

Step 7 

The tourist must have the visa application form printed with him at the time of immigration. The person also needs to have some of the supporting documents with him.

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