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Armenia is the land of ancient culture and amazing architecture, there are many tourist attractions in the country. That attracts tourists from all over the world to the country and this results in an increase in the GDP of the country and the help in the employment of the country.

Armenia is a set of land that has different cultures and there are different traditions in the country. This is one of the reasons that make the country so popular and people from all over the globe tend to travel to the country. people from all over the globe tend to visit the country.

There are many things in Armenia for the people to see but reaching there is a great challenge for the people. They can apply for the visa and they can see their beautiful country, here are the details for the visa for Armenia underneath.

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What is the Eligibility criteria for the Armenia visa 

The eligibility criteria for the visa of Armenia is very simple and easy, anyone can attain the visa of the country

  • Passport

The tourist must carry a passport, through which they can apply for a visa of the country. Tourists from any country can apply online from our website, it is a very easy and simple process.

The passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry into the country. They have to show scanned copies of the passport.

  • Traveling purpose

The person who is traveling to the country can travel to the country using the visa, but they have to specify their reason for travel whether they are traveling there for tourism, then they can apply visa lounge.

If they are traveling for some other purpose like employment they are not eligible to apply for the visa through the visa lounge.

  • Travel Insurance

The person who is traveling to the country they are required to get travel insurance. They have to get travel insurance for the travel to the country.  there is the Visa lounge that also provides visas to the people but they charge more money than average.

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Documents Required 

Various documents are required for the visa application for Armenia.

  1. Passport

The tourist needs to carry the passport and a scanned copy of the passport. The passport must have a validity of must be at least 6 months.

  1. Photograph

The tourist needs to carry a passport size photograph for the visa application, there is some condition attached with it that 70 percent of the face must be visible in the photo, and both the ears of the person must be visible.

  1. Accommodation conformation

The tourist needs to show the hotel conformation or the accommodation confirmation in which he or she is staying. There is one condition attached with it that the accommodation details must be in the name of the person who is traveling.

  1. Travel details

The tourist needs to carry the travel details,  they also need to confirm their travel details.

  1. Mobile number

The tourist needs to give them their Mobile number of their native country and the mobile number they are going used in the country.

  1. Address proof

The tourist needs to show them their address proof, various documents will prove their address proof. They need to show their address proof in their home country.

  1. The airline ticket and the Hotel Confirmation

For the online application of the visa, the tourist is required to show the airline ticket and the hotel confirmation. All the booking details and the airline tickets.

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Armenia visa for Mongolia citizens  

There is a visa provision that is available for the citizens of Mongolian citizens. It is the “Visa on arrival ” for the citizens of the Mongolian, they can travel to the country using the “Visa on arrival” facility.

The tourist from Mongolia can stay in the country for 3 weeks or 21 days in the country.  The visa will expire in 120 days from the date of issue of the visa so they have to enter the country within 120 days. The person who is applying for the visa or has to be present at the time of the visa application.

COVID – 19 Protocol  

In the year 2020, there was a worldwide lockdown and all the citizens were made to stay in their homes.  The COVID- 19 outbreak, so resulted in all international travel being banned and all the people being forced to stay in their homes.

But after the vaccination drive all over the world, the world is started to heal. All the international travel is now opening, all the business is started to getting back on their feet’s.

All the tourists from Mongolia can travel to the country without any restrictions. All they need to do is to provide the negative COVID- 19 report and there is no need for the Quarantine period for the tourist traveling from Mongolia.

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Documents that are needed for the visa application: 

2 documents are needed for the visa application for Armenia.

  • Visa application form

The tourist needs to carry the complete visa application form, the form must be duly signed. The form must be complete in all aspects

  • Travel bookings

The tourist needs to show the travel bookings, this includes the round trip flight. The flight tickets must be booked by the real travel agent, they have to show the return ticket from the country. This will prove to them they will leave the country.

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