How to get Armenia visa for Suriname nationals online

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In this article, we discuss everything about getting an Armenia visa for Suriname nationals online. We will also tell you about the different ways you can apply for a visa, travel agencies, consulates and even online applications are popular options.

The applicants can also browse through the websites of some good travel agencies like tourist visa online to get an idea of the prices offered and the service inclusions.

Armenia was originally a part of the Soviet Union and turned into an independent Asian country after the break off. One of the most desirable places in the country remains the Armenian mountains where thousands of tourists come every year to explore.

It also has a rich cultural history, with its museums and churches. There is architecture from the 4th century which gives visitors a little sneak peek into the ancient past. If you are a person who loves a good combination of man-made history and an abundance of natural wonders, then Armenia is the place for you.

A trip to Armenia for a person from Suriname will be quite enlightening, culturally. It will be very different from the tropical forests and climate of your home country.

Continue reading the article further below to find out more about Armenia visa for Suriname citizens process.

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Types of visas

  • E visa

The applicant can both go to the immigration website or that of a travel agency and complete the entire application digitally. After processing, you will also receive the Armenia visa for Suriname citizens on your email which can then be printed into a hard copy to bring to the airport.

This is a great way to get your visa with minimum human interaction, thus protecting everyone from the possibility of Covid transmission.

  • Visa on Arrival

As the name suggests itself, travellers who are eligible for this can get their visas after landing at the international airport of Armenia.

However, there is just one Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan in the entire country where you can get this visa. Travellers need to make sure that your flight lands in this city to avail it.

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Here is a list of documents you need to fulfil Armenia visa requirements for Suriname residents:

  • Passport of Suriname, that proves your citizenship. It should be valid for a period of six months and should also contain two blank pages for the stamps.
  • Two passport-sized photos in coloured, taken against a white background with a neutral facial expression.
  • The details of your returning flight.
  • Hotels booked for stay and details about any tours or trips planned.
  • If your purpose of getting the Armenia visa for Suriname is business, then an invitation letter by the company that has invited you.
  • Lastly, a bank statement proving your capacity to finance this trip to Armenia.

After getting these above mentioned documents checked by an expert at a travel agency like tourist visa online, you can proceed with the application.

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Check your eligibility

The diplomatic heads of certain countries can visit without a visa application at all. Some of the other exempt countries can enter Armenia for either 90 or 180 days and stay without a visa per se.

Visit any travel website or the official immigration website of your country to find out if Suriname citizens can avail of any of these exemptions.

The applicant will have to book the Armenia visa for Suriname nationals depending on what you find out.

Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

For a short trip, you can get a transit or a 21 days tourist Armenia visa for Suriname nationals.

At the time of application for a single entry Armenia visa for Suriname, you can either pay $31 or $56 depending on the visa package you have chosen.

Yes, the government of the country has mandated that all visitors entering the country need to be vaccinated with a WHO approved vaccine, and present a certificate of the same at the airport.

Travel agencies like tourist visa online, have tie ups with hotels, airlines etc. which is why applicants can get hefty discounts at the time of application through them.

If your Armenia visa application by Suriname citizen was online, then you will receive it in 3-4 business days. Whereas, a travel agency will sent it to you in 5-7 days.

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