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While the visa is important for all of those outsiders who are to travel to Armenia from other countries, apart from the already mentioned ones who do not need a visa, getting a visa is quite simple. There are many ways to get a visa for Armenia. The most famous before the arrival of electronic visas were the Armenia visa on arrival. This service was provided to only some of the countries and that too had some restrictions which were supposed to be followed by the countries. The other ways to get a visa included getting a visa at the embassy and getting a sticker visa once you reach the airport. The most recent one is the electronic visa. This type of visa has gained a lot of popularity in recent times with people preferring to apply for a visa through an online method. 

While visa on arrival can be applied for once a foreigner reaches Armenia, one can also apply for a visa before they depart that is through any of the online portals and get the visa assigned to them after they arrive at the airport. 

Countries that can have a visa on arrival service:

Antigua Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belize Bhutan
Bolivia Bosnia Brunei Canada Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Fiji
Grenada Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras India
Indonesia Israel Jamaica Jordan Cambodia Kiribati
Kuwait Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Marshal islands
Mexico Mongolia Myanmar Nauru Nicaragua North Korea
North Macedonia Palau Oman Panama Papua New Guinea Peru
Philippines Saint Kitts Saint Lucia Saint Vincent Samoa Serbia
Solomon Islands South Africa Suriname Taiwan Thailand Dominica
Timor Leste Trinidad Tuvalu Vanuatu Venezuela  

The above-given names of the countries’ nationals are the ones who can get a visa on arrival once they arrive at any of the ports at Armenia.

Citizens of India need to be following a condition. This condition states that the nationals of India will get a visa on arrival service only when they hold a residence permit of one of the following countries: 

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden South Korea Japan New Zealand
Bahrain Qatar Kuwait Oman UAE USA
UK Canada Russia Australia    

By holding a residence permit given by any of the above countries will only help an Indian citizen get a visa on arrival. Failing to follow this condition will lead to the rejection of visas once they arrive at the airport.

The total number of stay available for the citizens of these countries in Armenia is from 21 days to 102 days and this will be depending on the types of visa that has been selected by the foreigner. The foreigner who only wishes to transit can also do so by getting a transit visa which will be valid for a stay of 3 days. 

The types of visa options that a foreigner can have access to:

When visiting Armenia there are quite a lot of options for visas to choose from and the types can be given as follows:

Guest visa: those who have any intentions of purposes such as tourism, business, visiting relatives, or others.

Official visa: those people who have an official or special passport will get this type of visa

Diplomatic visa: for those holding a diplomatic passport or have diplomatic status.

Transit visa: a 3 day stay visa given to foreigners for the purpose of transiting through Armenia. This visa can also be extended to 4 days. 


Q. is visa on arrival available for those people who get an identity card as proof instead of a passport?

A visa on arrival will be possible for only those who have a passport ready along with them. Because when you get a visa on arrival you will be getting a stamp of the visa on your passport page. Hence getting a passport with you will only provide a visa on arrival.

Q. Does a minor kid or a student need a visa to go to Armenia?

A minor does not need a visa to go to Armenia as long as they are accompanied by an adult who holds a valid visa to Armenia.

Q. Will an Armenia visa on arrival be possible in case of emergencies for other countries?

If the case of emergency is valid and is for a legitimate reason only then will a visa on arrival at Armenia will be provided.

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