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Normally from the Armenia current news, all travelers are allowed for Armenia visit and visa booking requests, but if the candidate is facing issues regarding not approval of visas or rejection, then either they have

  • - Applicant has Selected the wrong visa application form
  • - Providing wrong and insufficient data during the fill-up process
  • - Passport conditions with 6 months are invalid


Armenia Visa (Information)

Armenia has started a very strict law; if any visa has expired and the applicant is not appealing for an extension of visa dates, they may face a good amount of penalty. Armenia has suppressed visa-related information, and requests due to the current situation as the covid rates are increasing from the emigrants traveling, so before traveling 14 days quarantine has been referred to, followed mandatorily. Before expanding visa times, proper reason and meeting with the Armenian embassy are required.

  • Online e-visa makes every traveler an easier way of traveling and in the online methods, the Armenian embassy is also mentioning the required criteria and eligibility. It also makes it easier as the visitor is not required to travel to the embassy or consult with anyone.
  • Visa on arrival is approved by airlines authorities but in the border areas is prohibited for a certain period.
  • Maximum stay order with a visa is 120 days.
  • Single visas are allowed, but multiple visas have been prohibited in recent times by the Armenian embassy.
  • Armenia is limited to allow those visitors who want to visit their families, or health issues, or any kind of events or business conference for these situations multiple visas as well as visa on arrival is approved.
  • Armenia covid direction needs to be maintained otherwise no entry-
  1. Proper sanitation process
  2. Individual space is required to be followed
  3. Wearing a mask and maintaining precautions for your own needs and safety.


Armenia Visa Policy

For an Armenia visa, you are required and have to submit the following details.

  1. passport condition with 6 months extent is a required factor along with blank folio and date of travel 
  2. picture of the applicant and that must be – passport dimension
  3. Money or cash must be transferred to the countries' required method of exchange.
  4. Email address in which applicant has an active replica.
  5. Complete approval of flight details
  6. Proof of dwelling place along with all the personal details.
  7. A bank statement is necessary for your trip as this embassy will take and approve the processing of your visas.
  8. After receiving the visa applicant must print out the documents provided to them in their mail id.

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Apply Armenia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly the visa if an applicant is rejected for the following reasons

  • Due to uncertainty of financial status
  • Invalid activation of passport
  • The applicant has Selected the wrong visa application form
  • Going and returning to home town reason behind it is not so strong adequate for granting the permission 
  • Providing wrong and insufficient data during the fill-up process
  • If you contravene the rules of the country, that’s the main reason for the rejection.
  • If you overstayed without extending any visa criteria, then it’s the reason for rejection.
  • If this happens communicate with the nearby embassy at your place by making an appointment.

In tourist visa onlinefor processing it takes 7 days working time and after visa completion, it takes 48 hours of the period to deliver. You can also track your details to see if any delays have happened or occur. Payment completion must be done before visa approval.

Armenia embassy offers e-visa to every traveler and its trouble-free to generate. Visit tourist visaonline where you will get all your visa types and instructions in one place without any effort.

For the visa application process visit the tourist visa online and choose the e-visa application form fill the process as it is obtained on the screen and clear your remittance status. For the timing employee, the visa is not granted; for the current situation, no offices are opened.

Normally they recheck the visa processing if they think there are doubts in the visa processing and recheck those documents which the applicant has already submitted in the visa application form. This verification is the main reason for maintaining proper security and authentication.

As the electronic visa or e-visa processing is easy and its processing is quite fast and more secure and fewer amount of documents are required for its optimization. It's also been suggested by most of the embassy. 

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