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Armenia Facts

Armenia is mainly located in western Asia at the Armenian highlands. Armenia is mainly bordered by Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, but Armenia does not hold a good relationship with Turkey and Azerbaijan countries or its embassy. In Armenia, Yerevan is a bureaucratic capital. Its been also identified as the biggest city in Armenia. In Armenia, citizens normally followed or adopted the Christian religion. Armenia is normally covered by a coast called the Mediterranean Sea, and from this sea route, maximum exports and imports take place from Armenia to other countries. Armenia's economy is completely dependent on its business and industries, infrastructure, and trades as Armenia is an evolving country and its territories are scattering around the world. It is a republican state and an active member of the Soviet Union. Armenia has also been an active participant in Olympics.


These are countries that have obtained free visa permission

  1. Albania
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Bahamas
  4. Barbados
  5. Argentina
  6. Brazil
  7. Belarus
  8. China
  9. Dominica
  10. Ecuador
  11. The Gambia
  12. Cook Islands
  13. The Gambia
  14. Haiti
  15. Iran
  16. Indonesia
  17. Haiti
  18. Kyrgyzstan
  19. Kazakhstan
  20. Micronesia
  21. Malaysia
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Armenia Visa 

For e-visa requirements in Armenia, this acquittance is mandatory

  • Passport requirement of the vendee.
  • Image of the vendee is an essential factor of obligatory
  • Flight ingredient is an essential factor of obligatory
  • Id uphold is also a required field
  • Covid guidelines are required field
  • Immigration ingredient of the vendor is an essential field
  • Traveling letter and purpose need to be submitted

Armenian Women

Armenian women are safe to travel in Armenia, but certain rules and safety need to be kept in mind.

  • At night period there is a problem of transport
  • Late night clubs or parties are not very safe
  • Solo trips can be obtained by women
  • Police protection and safety are always provided to Armenian women.
  • The people of Armenia are quite friendly in any trouble; they help the women and girls and also other citizens.
  • There are no dress criteria for any girls or women in Armenia
  • If any women are disrespected, severe punishments are endured against them.
  • Trafficking of girls or women is illegal
  • Child labor is strictly prohibited in Armenia
  • No child marriage is practiced in the Armenian embassy


Armenia Currency

The currency of Armenia is used by citizens, merchants, travelers, and visitors is Armenian dram. Which is approx. Value has been estimated as 1 Armenian Dram equals 0.16 Indian Rupee. Travelers are guided to carry maximum cash value as Armenia ATM does not give approx. value of the currency to the vendee. Digital payments are only accepted in a few places.

Visa Type

Armenia embassy offers the following visa types

  1. Business VisaArmenians can apply for these visa types but with the essential ingredient special opportunities’ are granted to Indians for having special relations and nationality connections.
    • Single visa is provided 
    • Multiple visas are provided
  2. Tourist Visa- all Armenians are eligible for this type, but some nationality vendees can obtain free visa requirements before visiting Armenia visit tourist visas online for the requirements of visa types.
    • Single visa is provided 
    • Multiple visas are provided
    • Group visa – is provided
  1. Student Visa- This is for those students who want to complete their education in Armenian territory; for this school opinion, transfer notice and reference are requisite.
    • Single visa is provided 
  2. Health Visa- for the current situation, this requirement has been prohibited by the Armenian embassy. In general, patient details, doctor references, and disease complete details are requisite, and the Armenian health minister or doctors will not be responsible if some. Far from it happens.
    • Single visa is provided 
    • Multiple visas are provided
  1. Transit Visa- if any travelers want to break their journey in Armenia, then they can apply for this either online or to the embassy.
  2. Diplomatic Visa- only Armenia embassy employees, deputy officers, and other high-ranked officers are eligible for this type of visa as they can travel any country without visa requisite.

Armenia Crime

Armenia's crime rates are about legible for Armenia's strict laws and rules. 

  • All crimes recorded by citizens are either hanged to death or life imprisonment.
  • Even for no reason honking also cause fine issues
  • Rash driving also leads to license cancel
  • No illegal arms and materials are allowed to enter Armenian territory.

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