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All the foreign nationals except the visitor from foreign nationals have to apply for a Schengen visa for Austria. The Schengen visa for Austria will allow these visa holders to get entry at the immigration points in Austria. If the foreign nationals meet all the requirements and criteria for the immigration policy of the Schengen Area then only they will get the chance to cross the European borders. If you are applying for a Schengen visa for Austria, then you will need to fill and submit the necessary application form for the relevant type of Schengen visa.


Austria Visa Cost

The visa fee or cost for an Austria visa or Schengen visa differs according to the nation. The Austria visa cost also differs according to the reason and duration of the visit to Austria. The Austria visa fee should be paid to obtain a valid entry permit. Applicants will not be able to acquire visas to Austria without completing the money transaction or payment. Sometimes, applicants also have to pay the Austria visa application fee to get their approved visa in time. 

Austria Tourist Visa Cost

Austria tourist visa is an important entry requirement for non-European foreign nationals to visit Austria. Austria tourist visa can be obtained from the embassy or online. Austria electronic document will also be available for eligible nations by completing an online Schengen application form from ETIAS. The foreign nationals residing in Austria on a tourist visa are allowed to stay in the country for 90 days within the 180 days visa validity.

  • Adults- The Austria tourist visa fee for adults starts from 91.61 USD or 80 EUR.
  • 6 to 12- For children who are between 6 to 12 years of age the Austria tourist visa fee is 45.81 USD or 40 EUR.
  • Below 5 years- For children who are 5 years old or under 5 years of age, the Austria visa fee is 0. If children under 5 years of age are visiting Austria with family or relatives then no Austria visa fee is required.


Austria Business Visa Cost

Austria business visa is only required if all foreign nationals except European, Schengen, or visa-free nations are visiting Austria for business. European nations, Schengen nations, and visa exempted nations can conduct business in Austria for a short-term visit. The duration of their stay must not proceed longer than 90 days. Foreign nationals entering Austria with business visas should also not stay longer than the stay validity of the Schengen visa. 

Applicants applying for a business visa for Austria should fulfill the basic requirements. One of the basic requirements is to pay Austria business visa costs. The fee for Schengen business nation may change and vary according to the nation. The Austria business visa cost is 91.61 USD. Foreign nationals holding Austria business visas can also visit other Schengen European Countries. The Austria business visa or Schengen business visa can be obtained for multiple entries or single entry as per the requirements.

Austria Student Visa Cost

The Austria student visa is required if you are planning to study or get qualified from Austria. If foreign nationals from European or Schengen nations are visiting Austria for educational reasons. Then they do not necessarily have to obtain a Student visa for Austria. All other foreign nationals visiting Austria for educational reasons can apply for either short-term or long-term student visas for Austria. The long-term Student visa or Austria Visa D for students can be shifted to a permanent student residence permit. The Austria student visa cost for students is zero. The students do not need to pay any visa fee if they are traveling to Austria for educational purposes.

Financial Requirements- It is important for foreign students planning to study in Austria to meet other financial requirements. Otherwise, their student visa for Austria may be rejected. Foreign nation students under 25 years of age visiting Austria for education should have 515.30 Euros per month to provide evidence for financial status. If you are above 25 years of age then the financial requirements should have around 933,06 Euros per month. Bank statements, saving accounts, etc can be provided as evidence.  



The Austria visa cost must be paid to obtain a Schengen visa for Austria. Some applicants holding a diplomatic passport, from Schengen nation, students, scientific researchers, or children under 6 years of age are exempted to pay Austria visa fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for the Austria visa extension completely depends on the reason for the extension. If you are applying for an Austria visa extension due to personal reasons the extension fee will be 34.35 USD or 30 Euros.  If you are applying for an extension due to medical reasons, humanitarian reasons, or serious issues. Then applicants do not have to pay any fee for a visa extension for Austria.

If you are visiting Austria for medical treatment or reason then you can apply for Austrian medical visa. 

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