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Azerbaijan is among one of the six independent countries of Turkic origin. People who are willing to visit or have a trip to Azerbaijan have to follow or apply for an e-visa for Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan visa requirements

Well, according to reports, Azerbaijan generates free e-visa for some countries. Those countries after entering their territories via free e-visa policy can only live there for 90 days; its system is quite complex, so before applying for a visa you should visit which country you belong to. Well, other counties who are traveling to Azerbaijan should have an e-visa; otherwise, their entry will be suspended by the border agency and the visa is valid for 30 days after it is shown to the international airports of Azerbaijan.

The visa on arrival policy is also available, but it follows some conditions such as. If there is an official invitation regarding transfer staff from one country to another. If the Azerbaijan government authority sends an official invitation letter to the other country (related to work purpose). Emergency medical issue. According to their criteria, few countries, but their validity is for 30 days.

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Azerbaijan e-visa policy

Azerbaijan also includes an ASAN visa through which people can apply for or get an e-visa free for 90 days (this includes certain countries and that’s countries of their choice). E-visa is also known as ASAN or electronic visa, its required as it makes easier for the tourist to travel as well as for Azerbaijan authorities its necessary to obtain records. During applying for an e-visa, the applicate must not be in Azerbaijan territory and must apply before three days from their official website or via Tourist Visa Online.

During the application process, certain criteria are there to fulfill such as Azerbaijan ticket, scan, copy of passport, photo of a certain resolution, and hotel details. In certain cases, if the visa is canceled then there will be no refundable money; the payment process for e-visa will be via debit card, credit card, and online payment mode. After getting an e-visa of Azerbaijan to get a printout and present that at the airport with your passport.

How you can apply for the Azerbaijan e-visa?

If you want to get everything in front of your hand without wasting or researching much visit the Tourist Visa Online site it's quite easy and generates valuable information if a person wants to research tourism or wants to travel certain place but don't have ideas how to start booking or researching regarding Azerbaijan e-visa must visit Tourist Visa Online. 

Firstly you have to generate valid documents, fill the form with the correct information, after doing go for the payment option. After completion wait until your e-visa generate. This site, after confirmation of your details, generates your e-visa with the ultimate level of security and pays the necessary payment for the online procedure; for further surety before payment, you can check other people's feedback.

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Visa standard criteria

Depending on the criteria the permission should be granted like if there are multiple entries, then the validation is for two years. According to these criteria, a person can move in or out of the country uncountable. And for travelers from Afghanistan, it offers approx 350 dollars for multiple entries. For a single entry, the person will be forbidden if there is more than one person, it offers approx 20 dollars.

Under urgent criteria, people can apply for Azerbaijan territory that includes

Medical purpose: the visa requirement under this field is, a genuine doctor certificate that descript your disease.

Tourist platform: specific campaign place, hotel reservation details, and if there are dispensing the voucher which is provided to the tourist, then it is well and good.

Job purpose: the ticket softcopy is required, and an e-visa of Azerbaijan is mandatory.

Business travel: valid company details and hotel or residence address are required.

Education purpose: if you are traveling with your parents, then valid documents of monthly expenditure should be provided with valid bank documents and a perfect proposal of whether you will be able to pay the school fees and residence expenditure.

All travelers must prove whether they have any criminal history or not. If a person is traveling for medical requirements and if the patient dies for a certain reason, then the Azeri doctors are not responsible. The following special cases for generating E-visa for Azerbaijan for urgency (includes e-visa requirement within 24 hours), super-urgency (includes e-visa requirement within five working hours), and normal (includes e-visa requirement within three working days)

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Azerbaijan e-visa application procedure

Due to this current situation, certain rules have been changed. People have to apply 15 days before e-visa so that they can get notifications and updates regarding those countries' current situation.

For Afghan people at least, the passport should be valid for six months of entry. An empty page is required for the stamp, and entering the Azeri territory above 20,000 dollars is required. For the people of Afghanistan is not the applicable time for traveling to Azerbaijan as all their passport and visa has been ceased especially for the Afghan citizen. And currently, the Azerbaijan government has declared that no request from Afghan citizens will be accepted for a few years.

Apply Azerbaijan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Having ASAN visas up to 100 countries can be visited.

If a person is living for two years in Azerbaijan in a non-permanent residence, he/she can apply for a permanent one after affording that a person should learn Azerbaijan language and should get a legal source of income, then only it's possible.

For this certain criteria need to be fulfilled, depending on their eligibility and labor conditions should be fulfilled, with the relevant document application form should be filled. H-1B petition form should be filled out.

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