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Azerbaijan is considered a powerful punch for a small country. Situated on the Caspian Sea, it offers tourists a charming mix of seaside fun, spectacular towns, unspoiled nature, impressive historical attractions, and some of the most amazing national parks in the world.

There are a lot of tourist destinations which represent the culture in this country which are a must-visit. A visa is a necessary document to visit Azerbaijan. In this article, you will get the information regarding Azerbaijan Visa for the citizens of Mexico.


Azerbaijan launched the E-Visa program for 93 counties, including Mexico, in 2017 which made it easier for the people to visit this beautiful place. Azerbaijan E-visa is an official document that gives permission to travel to and from Azerbaijan and is linked to your passport electronically.



Applying for an Azerbaijan Visa is an easy task of three steps that include all the Azerbaijan Visa Requirements. The steps are: 

  • Filling up the application form. You need to mention your personal and other details in the form and choose the processing time of your visa from the above-mentioned two categories; 30 Days Visa or 30 days Urgent Visa.
  • Then your next step is to upload the required documents.
  • The last step is making the payment. Make your payment through a Debit or a Credit Card once you've filled in all the necessary information.

Once processed, you will get your approved visa through your registered email ID. You need to make a copy for future use.


  • You will need a letter of invitation from Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the letter is valid only for one month. The processing of the invitations is done in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan)
  • A Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 3 months with at least two blank pages for stamping.
  • Two Passport size clear photographs with white background and head should be placed at the center in the frame.
  • The HIV test certificate that is to be obtained from any qualified hospital shall be in English and valid for one month. No hospital has been authorized by the Embassy for the certificate. The certificate should cover at least the duration of validity of the visa.
  • Travel ticket copy.
  • Application by a party inviting a foreigner and a stateless person to the Republic of Azerbaijan authorized by an effective executive authority.
  • Document proving the intent of the invitation, such as the purpose of the visit, the period of stay, category (single entry, multiple entry or transit), permanent address, and residence address of the applicant in Azerbaijan
  • Proof of accommodation in Azerbaijan. (Hotel Bookings)



Azerbaijan Visa cost and the visa processing time is as follows:

Type of Visa

Visa Category

No. of Entry

Visa Validity

Stay Validity

Processing Time

Visa Fee

30 Days Visa

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

90 Days

30 Days

4 - 5 Days

45.0 USD

30 Days Urgent Visa

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

90 Days

30 Days

3 - 4 Hours

48.0 USD


There are four types of Azerbaijan visas that you can opt for according to the reason for your visit:

  • Tourist Visa- You can opt for this type of visa when you're visiting Azerbaijan for tourism and sightseeing.
  • Business Visa- Azerbaijan Business visa for Mexico is for those nationals who are visiting the country to attend business meetings or conferences. Basically, for all business-related purposes.
  • Employment Visa- If you're a foreign national and looking for work in Azerbaijan then this is the type of Visa that you should opt for.
  • Private Visa- You can apply for this visa if you have family or friends that are staying in Azerbaijan. You can travel on a private visa, even if you are a guest of a citizen of Azerbaijan.

Visa Policy for Azerbaijan

  • The Azerbaijan visa policy states the rules and regulations that mention the entry requirements for foreign citizens coming into Azerbaijan.
  • There are many different types of Azerbaijan Visas. The traveler is required to choose visa options depending on the nationality of the visitor, the purpose of travel, and the duration of stay in the country.
  • Azerbaijan has an electronic visa system which is called the ASAN Visa. Around 95 different countries are allowed to complete an online application form in order to obtain this e-Visa.
  • The ASAN system was executed to make the process of the visa application better and speed up border control checks.
  • According to the visa policy of Azerbaijan, nationals of 140 countries must apply for a consular visa at an Azerbaijani embassy in order to visit the country for a short duration/stay.
  • All foreign citizens who want to visit Azerbaijan in order to work in the country must apply for work visas and permits at an embassy, in line with the immigration policy of Azerbaijan.
  • Citizens of around 10 countries are allowed to enter Azerbaijan without a visa for a certain duration. If these visa-exempt visitors, then,  plan to stay in the country for a longer period, they are supposed to obtain the relevant visa.
  • Travelers from one country; Armenia are currently not allowed entry in Azerbaijan due to a territorial dispute between the two countries. Also, any foreign national found to have entered the ban territories will be facing a permanent entry ban.


Citizen of these 10 countries can visit Azerbaijan without a Visa but for short-term:

  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Moldova
  • Russian Federation
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan


From abandoned factories to collective farms, as in any successful former Soviet Republic, Azerbaijan still has a strong communist heritage. Some famous ones are Dashkashan, a Soviet mining town full of abandoned mines, and Ivanovka, the only place in the world where Soviet collective farms still run. Sitting at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and South-Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan has not only affected the cultural behavior and the way they look but over the centuries it has also shaped the extremely varied food of Azerbaijan.

The local food in Azerbaijan offers a vast variety of food from Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, etc., and all of this is cooked and served with a local twist. Azerbaijan has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. The above- mentioned information is all you need to know on how to apply for an Azerbaijan Visa for the citizens of Mexico.

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