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Tourism in Bahrain is very underrated and people think that there are way fewer things to do in Bahrain than that at any other countries’ places and this is so not true. Once you check the place you are sure to come and check it out more than once. But for the travel to be successful you need to apply Bahrain e visa application and that too with the easiest way possible and this though many people might think is hard might actually turn out to be quite easy and that is exactly why you have Tourist Visa Online by your side.


  • Bahrain visa application form
  • How to apply for a Bahrain visa
  • FAQs

Bahrain visa application form

The first and foremost thing when you go ahead and apply for a Bahrain visa is the visa application form that comes into play. Without having this form you will not be able to send in your valuable information and hence it is always needed to fill in the right information in the form as this is what your visa will mainly be consisting of the information that you fill in the form. The form will have two sections such as :

  • Personal information
  • Passport details

It is always said that you need to fill in the all of the information and especially the red starred one as these are really important when you fill in the form. Leaving them out can get your visa application disqualified. However, if there is anything you are not confident about then you can at any time ask for the help of the staff and they will be here to help you.

How to apply for a Bahrain visa

A Bahrain visa is quite easy to be applied for and needs you to follow some steps only and is not that big of a deal. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to place a good visa application:

Step 1: Have your departure country name entered in the box on the main page and also your nationality must be entered. 

Step 2: Now have one of the visas selected for your travel to Bahrain and proceed

Step 3: After selecting you can now have your Bharian visa application form filled in for your visa issuing. You will also get a list of documents that you need to attach through the mail and these must be scanned and attached with the form

Step 4: Have the Bahrain visa fees paid with any one of the options that will be displayed.

With just all of these four steps and a mail, you will be set to receive your visa immediately without having any troubles. If there is any problem arising yu will also be notified about it!


  • How can I get a Bahrain visa cancellation paper online?

All you need to do to get your visa application cancelled is just by contacting your respective agent and the work will be taken care of.

  • A friend of mine wants to apply for a Bahrain visa for medical reasons but there is no Bahrain embassy in Nigeria. How can he get a Bahrain visa?

Even if there is no embassy in Nigeria your friend can apply for a Bahrain visa through Touristvisaonline as there will be options of visas that you can apply and can be obtained easily through the online method without having to go anywhere.

  • Can I land in Bahrain without a visa if I am from the US  and then travel to Saud Arabia by road?

No, it won’t be possible to travel to Bahrain without a visa, and hence you will be needed to apply Bahrain e visa application if you want to travel to Bahrain on a US passport. You can also get a visa on arrival option being made available.

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