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From enthralling beauty, gorgeous pearls, and oil refineries, Bahrain is one of the most vibrant destinations in the world. People from across the world and Chilean rush to the country to enjoy the scintillating treasures. Keeping in mind the tourist flow, Bahrain has eased the visa access for visitors. If you are from Chile and wish to visit Bahrain, here is how you need to approach and apply for the Bahrain visa for Chile nationals to visit the country. Here you will get to know all you need to do in order to apply for a visa through Tourist Visa Online

To apply for a visa, proceed to the official website the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of interior nationality, passport, and residence affairs.Enter your citizenship and Bahrain as your destination; you will be directed to the main page where you can get all information regarding visa and e-Visa to Bahrain. You can also follow the same steps to get your visa through Tourist Visa Online. 

Documents required for obtaining the Visa

To apply for e-Visa as a Chilean, Bahrain has made it easy for visitors to access through an electronic system where you get it through email. Here are the documents that you need to keep handy while applying for Bahrain e-Visa. 

  • Passport: It is an important identity booklet that you need to apply for and it is a vital document to prove your nationality while applying for a visa. If you already have one, check the expiry date. If it is fine then keep a scanned copy of it before applying for e-Visa. 
  • E-mail address: Since it will be electronically generated visa, you need to keep a valid email id for receiving the e-Visa in pdf format but after receiving it through email, a hard copy would be required at the immigration office.  
  • Prove that you can support yourself while in Bahrain: You need to carry documents with that prove that you are not doing any illegal work. Support yourself with credible evidence and documents that prove you are in Bahrain following the norms of the country.
  • Return ticket proof: People from Chile can stay for a maximum 14 days which may vary based on the nature of your work that you can check from the official site of the country for more details.
  • Payment fee: after completing the application process, you will be directed to a page for payment of a fee which you can pay through debit/credit card and PayPal account.

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Application form for Chilean:

For applying to the e-Visa, there are simply three steps to fill the application form and submit for procuring a visa. It can take you 5-10 minutes to fill the form for acquiring e-Visa. Besides this, there are three processing options available to the applicant:

  1. Standard processing: This is the cheap option that most people choose to apply and it will cost you service fee depending on your visa type. And your visa will be ready within 7 business days.
  2. Emergency Processing: This option is a comparatively faster one and will let you access the Bahrain visa within just two days of time. This means that you can easily get the visa within 48 hours of visa application. You can get access to this service with the payment of a service fee of 200.0 USD. 

The second step of the application process directs you to pay a fee and also verify details on the form. Mistakes can't be corrected, once you submit the form. So pay attention to details before submitting.

The final step of the application processing is to upload documents that are prerequisites for submission of the application and you will be apprised of all such details while filling the form. 

So that is the way Chilean need to apply for e-Visa and get one to visit Bahrain.

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Q. Will I have to pay a fine for not using the visa within the validity period? 

There is no fine applicable for not using the visa within the validity period. However once the validity period is over you will not be able to use the same visa again. 

Q. How will i get to know whether my visa has been granted or rejected? 

There will be a mail being sent on the Email ID sent by you as soon as the visa has been granted or rejected by the embassy. 

Q. How long does it take to process the application of a Bahrain visa for Chile nationals? 

The total processing time required for the Bahrain visa application is about 5 to 7 days. 

Apply Bahrain Visa

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