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The Bahrain E-visa is an online visa. This was initiated in 2016 and it allows eligible individuals to travel to Bahrain for small stays for a variety of purposes. 
The Bahrain General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence (NPRA) launched the Bahrain E-visa application to give Travelers an easy way to get their visa and save time waiting for a visa when they arrive in Bahrain. The validity of this visa from Bahrain is between 2 weeks to 3 months. This depends on the needs of the traveler and it is necessary to select the duration of step when applying for the visa online. The E-visa of Bahrain can be taken for choices, single and multiple entry online visas. This is dependent on your nationality.


Validity of Bahrain online Visa 

The single entry E-visa has a maximum validity of 2 weeks with an exception of three months for UK citizens. The multiple entry visas offer a maximum one month stay per visit. The validity of the Bahrain tourist online visa initiates at arrival in Bahrain. Also, it has a 30 days period when a traveler needs to enter Bahrain from the date of approval of the E-visa. You must apply for the Bahrain online visa at least 30 days before the scheduled date of your flight. 

Eligible citizens can complete the simple Bahrain visa application form online with some information to get an approved E-visa. Travelers with the electronic visa for Bahrain will need to arrive in the country from Bahrain International Airport. There are no provisions for entering Bahrain through the King Fahad Causeway using the online Bahrain tourist visa. For citizens traveling to Bahrain for work purposes, you will need to connect with a Bahrain Embassy or Consulate.



⦁ Single entry or multiple entry electronic visas. 
⦁ Stay duration from 14 up to 90 days. 
⦁ Validity for 30 days from approval for arriving. 
⦁ Tourism or business purposes. 
⦁ Entry from Bahrain International Airport. 

Required documents to apply for online Bahrain E-visa

⦁ A Valid passport
⦁ A color passport size Image of the passport holder and a scanned copy of the passport’s information page. 
⦁ A confirmed return flight ticket. 
⦁ A Debit/credit card
⦁ An email address that you can access from anywhere. 


To submit a Bahrain online visa application, you must meet the following Bahrain online visa requirements:

⦁ The passport needs to be valid for the whole duration of the traveler’s stay in Bahrain. It can also be at least equal to the validity of the E-visa. 
⦁ A scanned image of the biographical page of the passport of the individual applying for Bahrain E-visa
⦁ A scanned copy of the last page of the passport (This is only necessary for Indian passport holders only). 
⦁ A valid credit/debit card that you will use to pay your visa fee. 
⦁ A scanned color copy of a return air ticket. 

According to your nationality, it can also be necessary and some additional documents might be required. These documents are – 

⦁ Hotel reservation proof in Bahrain. If you are staying with your relatives you need to provide a copy of your relative’s CPR Readers. 
⦁ A copy of a stamped bank statement with the visitor’s name. It should be for the last three (3) months, with a total balance of no less than the equivalent of $800.
⦁ After approval, the E-visa is electronically connected to your passport, and you will need to print out a copy of the Bahrain E-visa to give at your arrival at the border control in Bahrain and for future purposes. 
⦁ When you reach foreign border control you will need to give them the same passport that was used in the completion of visa application to have an access to enter into the country. Individuals who have dual nationality must bring the correct passport while preparing for their trip. 


Countries Eligible for Bahrain online E-visa application

Andorra, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, and more than 200 countries are eligible to apply for Bahrain E-visa
The whole process might sound very complicated and hectic. We can help you with this issue and you can connect with us and apply for a Bahrain visitor visa without having any burden on yourself. You can apply for Bahrain E-visa in 3 simple steps –
⦁ STEP 1 – Complete the online application process. 
⦁ STEP 2 – Confirm your Payment
⦁ STEP 3 - Receive approved Visa in no time. 

Apply Bahrain Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible citizens can complete Bahrain visa application form to get an approved E-visa for Bahrain.

The normal processing time for the Bahrain E-visa is around 7-30 business days.

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