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Who can Bahrain Visa apply? 

Bahrain Visa document qualification has now been stretched out to in excess of 200 nationalities from the past rundown of 38. For additional subtleties, including a total rundown of qualified nationalities, follow this connection. 

 In the event that you don't meet the measures for a Bahrain visa on arrival, or on the off chance that you hold a movement record other than identification, you may at present be qualified for a visa on appearance, a supported visa or you might be qualified to apply for an e-Visa through a Bahraini government office. Check your Bahrain visa eligibility by squeezing the Apply for e-Visa on Tourist Visa Online, and note the techniques accessible for getting a visa for Bahrain. 


What are the conditions? 

 The Visit e-Visa is given with the accompanying conditions while filling up Bahrain visa application form: 

  •  You should be outside Bahrain. (Visas can't be applied for by those voyagers as of now in the Kingdom).

  • You should have a visa (no another sort of movement report) and it ought to be substantial for a half year from an appearance in Bahrain. 

  • You should have a substantial affirmed ahead movement pass to leave Bahrain. 

  • You should be equipped for supporting yourself (and wards if going with you) during the visit. 

  • Your entrance must not damage the security and national government assistance of Bahrain. 

  • You should utilize a Visit e-Visa inside 30 days of its endorsement. (After this time the e-Visa will terminate and you should apply again and pay another expense). 

You more likely than not utilized your Bahrain visa documents, or it ought to have terminated before you can apply for another visa. (It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to have more than each visa gave for identification in turn). 


NOTE: On the off chance that you are in question about the conditions you should contact NPRA or your closest Bahrain government office. 


Bahrain Visa Document Requirements through Tourist Visa Online

  1. Visa Application structure. 

  2. Two checked duplicates of your photo. 

  3. Duplicate of return air ticket. 

  4. Copy of the photograph page of the candidate's visa in addition to a duplicate of the identification last page. 

  5. Duplicate of inn booking in Bahrain.

  6. On the other hand, in the event that you are remaining with a family member, it would be ideal if you give a duplicate of their CPR Reader's printout. 

  7. Duplicate of a stepped bank explanation under the guest's name covering the most recent three months with a consummation equalization of at the very least what might be compared to BD300. 

  8. Duplicate of GCC or potentially any USA, Schengen, UK, European or Canadian visa (if needed).


To what extent time is required to process Visa

 Endorsement of a Bahrain visa application isn't given right away. Preparing applications will take roughly 3-5 working days. We will prompt you by email when a choice has been made. 


 How would I apply? 

Visit Tourist Visa Online for further information about applying to get a Bahrain e-visa.


Do I need to print anything? 

When your Bahrain visa application is affirmed, you can print a duplicate of the endorsement to convey with you when you travel, yet this isn't carefully vital. At the point when you show up in Bahrain, your electronic visa will be open to the identification official who welcomes you. 

Consider the possibility that if your application isn't affirmed. 

On the off chance that your application isn't affirmed, it would be ideal if you contact NPRA or the closest Bahrain international security post.


Two Weeks Tourist Visas 

Vacationer visas are given for remains of about fourteen days to residents of the European Union (EU), Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA. Candidates must have legitimate, exceptional travel papers and arrival or ahead ticket. A visa charge of USD 102.0 is applied by TouristVisaOnline and can be gotten at section at the Bahrain International Airport. Traveller visas don't permit guests to participate in any business. 


72 hour/multi day/7 day Visas 

These types of visas can be acquired on landing in the Bahrain International Airport or at the King Fahad Causeway. Notwithstanding an identification, the traveler must have an affirmed return/forward excursion ticket for the visa application to be handled. 


Current Requirements to Live and Work in Bahrain 

Anybody wishing to live and lawfully work in Bahrain should apply for the accompanying visas and allows. Managers are encouraged to mastermind and procedure important archives to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority preceding the appearance of their workers and wards. 

Bahrain work Visa submitted to and gave by Labor Market Regulatory Authority, Prerequisites: 

  •  Visa application structure 

  • Representative's visa 

  • Visa size photo 

  • Sponsorship Letter: a letter of work showing the manager's name/association, business enlistment number, worker's ability, compensation, contract length, representative's name, birth date, and nationality.

  • Duplicate of the agreement.

  • Wellbeing record from an approved facility. 


Residency Permit (Family Visa), submitted to Labor Market Regulatory Authority and gave by the General Department for Nationality and Passport Residence, Prerequisites: 

  •  Application structure. 

  • Representative and family's visa duplicates.

  • Representative's sponsorship letter.

  • Representative's agreement.

  • Family wellbeing record from an approved facility

For further information about Bahrain visa from different countries. kindly reach us at and get your E-visa is no time with secured payment options and better services with 100% lower fees. 


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