bahrain visa for georgia citizens

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Bahrain a hot tourist spot with at least more than two million people visiting per year is an absolute place for all who are planning for their next destination to enjoy the vacays. With an ever-increasing number of places and attractions, this country has visitors who have different interests from all over the world. Though most of the people who visit are from Gulf regions, there are people from Georgia visiting, and hence a Bahrain visa for Georgia citizens has become essential for the people to enter the country.  With this being an essential it si quite understood how important it is to take a visa before travelling to Bahrain and Tourist Visa Online makes sure you get the visa right on time for your travel.


  • What will a Bahrain visa for Georgia citizens allow?

A Bahrain visa for Georgia citizens allows a foreigner based in Georgia to enter the country and stay and depending on the type that you have applied you can stay for a varied number of days. Also depending on the type you can either enter for tourism purposes, business purposes or any other purpose depending on the one you apply.

  • Do I need to get a Bahrain transit visa if my flight is travelling from Georgia country to Abu Dhabi with transit at Bahrain airport? 

If you have transit at Bahrain while travelling from Georgia and if it is not more than 12 hours then you need not have a transit visa being applied for. However, if it is more than the said time you will definitely have to apply for one.

  • Is a visa on arrival possible for a Georgia citizen who wants to travel to Bahrain?

Yes as of the 5th of October 2018, the citizens of Georgia are eligible for a Bahrain visa on arrival and hence can apply for one even after arriving at the airport.

  • I am a citizen of Georgia who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates and want to travel to Bahrain on a business visa, will I be able to do that?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to take a Bahrain visa for GCC residents or you can even apply for a business visit visa to travel to Bahrain from the United Arab Emirates.

  • What if a person from Georgia has a visa to Bahrain and it is expiring due to the COVID lockdown? Will the visa get renewed automatically or gets cancelled?

The person whose Bahrain visa is about to expire can easily get it renewed without having to travel to Bahrain. However, due to the current condition, the visa will not be cancelled even if you do not renew it.

  • Is it difficult for single women from Georgia to travel alone?

No there are no such difficulties but women under the age of 21 must be accompanied by some other person as well.

  • If I am travelling from Georgia to Bahrain on a multiple entries visa then can I stay for a total of 90 days together?

No staying for 90 days together in Bahrain will not be possible as the visa policy states that you can stay only for a month’s time on each visit. 

  • How do I know if my visa is cancelled in Bahrain?

If the visa you had applied for has been cancelled then you will be notified about the same from the agency that you have applied for the visa from.

  • Can a Bahrain visa for Georgia citizens be made available within three days?

Though the Bahrain visa processing takes about 5 days or more you can definitely have it in three days’ time with just applying for the emergency visa services. This will allow the applicant to obtain the visa much earlier than the said time.

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