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Bahrain is known as in the name the Kingdom of Bahrain. The capital city is Manama. The name of the currencies used in Bahrain is the Bahraini dinar. It is located in the Gulf of Persia. The visas applied both in online and offline mode. Here we are going to discuss the online e-visa. This helps passengers to apply for a visa from anywhere in the world. The process of applying visa is also easy and rapid. After filling the visa form and submitting the documents. Then the government will let the passenger know if has got approval or rejection of the visa.  If you want to travel during the pandemic time the counties like India, Bangladesh, etc. need a negative test report. There are few countries that don’t need the Covid test. Few have the availability of visas on arrival at airports. The explanation about the documents and the tracking methods in the upcoming topics. The documents carried by you are checked at the airports by the officers so carry every detail that’s needed.

Requirements for Bahrain visa:

The passport original scanned copies along with the biograph page, first and the last pages are a must. The proof of tickets booked for entry and exit both confirmed must. The photograph colored is important white and black or other photographs are not permitted.  The size must be passport size pictures. The form for visa application with details fully entered along with the signature is a must. Proof of scanned copies like pan or Aadhar card is a must for submission. The details of the whole trip including the stay and travel are a must for approval of the visa. The purpose of the visit is a must for submission to get a visa as a cover letter. The bank balance details for the past five to six months and it must have and at least balance of about one lakh is a must.  If you are visiting through sponsors then their details including the personal details, passport, invitation letter, etc. are a must. 


Checking the status of Bahrain visa:

The checking of visas has 2 methods. The first method is by using the passport number. The other is by using the number given in the application as a reference. Let us see how to use both methods. For doing this process there are few steps for proceeding further. Go to the official website where the application was filled. Then select the name of the country you belong to.  You will see an option called tracking of visa application. After selecting that there are 2 options present track by a number of references or by passport. Select passport number and enter the number. Then enter the captcha given for proving you are not a robot. Then select the submit option. Then the required status of the visa is visible on the screen. By this, you can know the status of the application process. 

General instructions:

The e-visa of the Kingdom of Bahrain has a validity of about 1 month from the date issued. The date of expiry is valid only for one entry. The next time you enter you must get a new visa. There are visas having many entries to visit chose them accordingly. The citizens of Bahrain don’t need any visa to enter the country.  At the time of submission of the trip and stay details the every date is a must. All the documents submitted are along with dates. The tickets of the entry and exit booked of you leaving the country are a must. You must have a sufficient amount in the bank for entering and finishing the trip successfully. The valid period of the visa starts from the entry time to the country. You must leave the country on the date of expiry in that 24 hours else there may be a fine imposed. If the visa gets rejected apply for the second time but not the same application it may again get rejected.  The visiting proposal may be for business, attending seminars, or tourism. A job opportunity that’s paid during the visit time is not allowed. During your entire stay, the passport must have a valid period. Else there may be few problems for you to leave the country. 



Whenever you visit different countries follow the rules imposed by those countries. That makes your journey to the place smooth and simple. There won’t be any trouble if the rules are followed correctly. The process of applying Bahrain visa explained in detail. The tracking methods are also explained in the content above. The Bahrain visa is easy to get by following the steps mentioned above.


Apply Bahrain Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

To list out, there are two main ways to check the status of the visa. The first method is the reference number given at the application time of the visa. The other is the passport number process. By entering the passport number you can check the status of the visa.

There are many visas available in Bahrain. The most common are the tourist is for tourist, business visas for people who attend the official meeting and the few passengers get visa on arrival.  

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