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Bahrain with a lot of places to visit and to choose from, this place filled with culture is an absolute destination if you want to know more about the Middle East. this place also has a range of sights to be seen right from the archaeological sites, fine dining sites to diving for pearls, and even much more. But all of this needs you to have a visa and that is the reality! So here are all sorts of different Bahrain visa types you ought to know if you are planning for your next trip to Bahrain. Also, you need not have to worry about all the processes and approval of the applications as you will have Tourist Visa Online having everything met with the deadline and letting you have a joyous trip!

The types of visas to travel to Bahrain can be given as follows:

  1. Bahrain Tourist visa: A type of visa issued to foreign nationals to enter Bahrain and have a tourist permit. This visa will only let you have a tourist entry and hence you can only travel around in Bahrain this means that you cannot use this visa for any business or other employment uses.
  2. Bahrain visitor visa: This visitor visa to travel to Bahrain is provided to those foreign nationals who have sponsors who are nationalities of Bahrain and have sponsored the visit. This visit will be valid for only a month after which it can neither be extended nor be renewed. This visa once expired will require you to have a new one issued.
  3. Bahrain Business visa: The Bahrain business visa is used for business purposes and allows foreign nationals to enter the country for business purposes. This visa will let the person stay for more than a week and is usually valid for about three to four weeks depending on the visa duration available.
  4. Bahrain Work visa: This visa is an employment visa and is issued for those people who would like to reside in Bahrain and would be taking up employment in Bahrain. This visa has a longer validity and will be valid for around one or two years.
  5. Bahrain family visa: Also quite commonly known as the residency permit. This visa is allowed for all of those family members of those who are having an employment visa and are working in Bahrain. This visa is just a visa that will allow the family members to reside in Bahrain and cannot be used in any of the employment purposes as they will be needed to have their own employment visas applied for if they want to do so.

Apart from these, you can also find various visas as provided by Touristvisaonline depending on the number of days allowed to stay:

  • 14 days Bahrain tourist visa
  • Bahrain visit visa for 3 months
  • 30 days Bahrain tourist visa
  • GCC visitor visa for Bahrain
  • Bahrain business visit visa for 14 days

All of these visas can also be made available and can be obtained for both single and multiple entries.


  • Am I needed to have a work permit for having an application applied for Bahrain work visa?

Yes, it will be a compulsion to have a work permit submitted before you apply for a Bahrain work visa.

  • How do I get a visit visa to Bahrain?

You can just follow three steps to get your Bahrain visit visa as follows:

  1. Have your country of departure entered
  2. Have a visa selected from the list that has been provided
  3. Fill in the form and pay the fees. 

That’s it you can get your visit visa now!

  • Which is the best among the Bahrain visa types if I am to travel to Bahrain for a business purpose?

You can apply for a Bahrain business visit visa which will let you stay for 14 days and is considered to be the best option for business purposes.

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