Process to Apply Bangladesh Visa for Nationals of Malaysia

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As we are quite aware of the fact that Bangladesh is called as the Country which sees the sun rise very first before any other country gets that opportunity. This Is the country which shares the border with India and is located in the South Asia. Bangladesh is known for in flora and fauna. This country is not a very rich country neither it is a big country but still it has some natural gems, Which attracts the tourists from all over the world. It is very interesting that you will get to see the Dhaka Nawabs who live in Ahsan Manzil. Bangladesh is also famous for its fine architecture and among them, Lalbagh Fort is the oldest one and it was built in 17th century. Somapura Mahavihara was listed as the beautiful Buddhist Temple by UNESCO and even there are places like Inani Beach where you can enjoy the boat rides and you will have the opportunity to get photogenic views. Lawachara National Park is another tourist attraction spot of the country. This park is actually a protected area for rare species of animals and birds. Citizens of twenty three country does not actually need a visa in order to travel to Bangladesh. In fact the country is place full of lakes and beautiful landscapes. Bagakain Lake and Kaptai Lake are the most popular lakes which the tourists should never miss to visit. Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban is the modern architecture which will leave the Malaysian Nationals in surprise that this country is a place that us a must to be visited by all the tourists from all over the world.

There are some other countries which need an evisa to visit the country. Among them, Malaysia is one of the countries which will get the opportunity to apply for the visa online to Bangladesh. They can apply for the visa through the embassy or if they want their visa to be delivered fast, then they can opt to apply for the visa to Bangladesh online through the websites that provide the service of applying for a visa to Bangladesh online just like Tourist Visa Online. It is recommended to the Malaysian Nationals to apply for the visa to Bangladesh online as it not only saves the time but also gives the advantage of tracking the current visa status. Even the Malaysian Nationals will get extra services or facilities free of cost. They only have to pay for the visa fee.

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Bangladesh. We will always be there at your services and will guide you through the best possible ways. If you have any kinds of doubts regarding any information, please feel free to ask us and we will help you throughout the process. We will give you the authenticated visa within a short stipulated time.


Types of Visas available for the Malaysian Nationals to visit Bangladesh

Tourist Visa – People who want to visit the country for personal reasons they may opt for this tourist visa. The reasons may be visiting the country to spend their quality time with their family or friends who are already residing in the country or may be if anyone wants to visit Bangladesh to see the natural wonders of Bangladesh, then they can too apply for the tourist visa.

Business Visa – If any Malaysian Nationals want to visit the country for any kinds of work related purposes then they should opt for this business visa. If you want to expand the name of the company that you are already working under then you can definitely opt for this business visa. You can also go to the embassy of Bangladesh to apply for your business visa.


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Malaysian Nationals to visit Bangladesh

  • The applicant must bring the passport and that should be original and also they should carry the copy of the main page of the passport.
  • The applicant must also bring the two scanned coloured copies of passport size photographs that should necessarily have White background.
  • The applicant must bring the proof and the copy of the hotel that they had reserved before for their stay.
  • The applicant must also bring the bank statement as  a proof or they can also bring the book ofvthe bank as a proof so that they can fund themselves during the stay in Bangladesh.
  • For Business purposes, the applicant must bring the invitation letter.
  • Even the applicant must also bring the cover letter from the institution or the company which is actually sending the applicant for work purposes to Bangladesh. It is applicable only in the case of the visitors who have opted for business visa. 
  • For tourism purposes, the applicant must also bring the invitation letter or the employment letter and also a copy of the passport of the same individual.

Apply Bangladesh Visa

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