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The Thailand nationals may have visited many other places in the world but they must have missed out one of the countries in West Africa which is known as Benin. The Thailand nationals will be quite surprised to know that this country in West Africa is the founder of a new religion which is named as voodoo. This country is specifically known for its uniqueness and diverse and beautiful landscapes that attracts tourists from all over the world. There is a temple which is known as python’s temple is one of the major tourist attractions. You will also be surprised to know that this country is famous for its bronze statues and other things and the architecture here is fine and is decorated with ivory and wood carvings that make the buildings look more attractive and beautiful. You will also get to see elephants and lions and hippo if you visit the national parks and the famous of them is Pendjari National Park. You will be surprised to know that this country Benin is a very friendly and a peaceful country and all the tourist will definitely love visiting this country again and again. There are also places where you can get to see the natural beauty of the country like lake Aheme and Agbagba. You will also get to enjoy the famous delicacies of the country like kuli kuli. And before you are planning to visit the country you must be quite sure that you need a visa before you enter the country. It is very much important for the Thailand nationals to note that they will get both an online visa if they apply for the visa online and also an offline visa if they apply for the visa via the embassy. They will get the opportunity of applying for both 30 days and 90 days visa. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you apply for the visa online because it is not only time saving but also you will not have to stand in the line for hours and you also don’t Have to pay any kind of extra charges for any extra facilities you take and also you will have the advantage of tracking your visa online and you will get the copy of your visa which will be sent through your registered email if you are applying online.

Tourist Visa Online is our website which will help you to process and apply for the visa to the country and will give you the authenticated visa within 48 hours and also gives you the advantage of extra facilities and you won’t be charged anything for the extra facilities that we will be offering to you. You will also get your doubts clarified while you are facing any kind of problem while you are applying for the visa and also you can contact us at anytime of the day if you feel like and we will guide you with the best possible ways.


Types of Visas available For the Thailand nationals when they are planning to visit Benin

Tourist Visa – It is a necessity for the Thailand nationals to visit the country to explore the beauty of the country, Benin and also the cultures and landscapes of Benin. This tourist visa will also be issued to those persons who want to visit the country for tourism purposes. This visa will also be issued to those persons who want to spend their holidays and quality time with their family or friends who are already residing in the country.

Business Visa – As the name of the visa already suggests it is used for business purposes and by those professionals who are thinking of setting up a new business within the country after getting the permission and also are issued to those professionals Who wants to expand and grow the visibility and the name and awareness of the company or the institution they are already working under.


Documents required for That island citizens when they are planning to visit Benin

  • The applicant of Thailand must be well aware about that they should bring the original passport which should be valid for at least 6 months even after the departure from the country and also the passport should have at least two blank pages for the stamps that would be issued at the airport.
  • The applicant must also Bring the visa application forms and they should be quite aware that they have already signed the application forms.
  • The applicant must not forget to bring one scanned colour copy of a passport size photo which should be a recent one and should also have plain background with 80% of face coverage.
  • The applicant Must also keep with them the travel itinerary and also show the proof of the accommodation and the hotel tickets where they will be residing in when they will be staying in the country and should also bring the copies of the airline tickets that will show the departure and arrival dates of the applicant.
  • The applicant at last must not forget to bring the international certificate of vaccination against the yellow fever.

Apply Benin Visa

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