Step By Step Process to Apply Benin Visa for Andorra Nationals

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Everyone has a wish to have a world tour. There are many places like Europe and North America and Australia to go for a tour but there are also exciting places where people might have just heard the name of the country but haven’t heard about the beauty of the country. Besides the most famous places like Paris and Canada there are also other places where you can definitely visit When you want to take a break from your daily schedule. Benin is the country where you can see the natural wonders of the country in the places like Lake Aheme and Agbagba and also you will get to see the uniqueness and diverse and beautiful landscapes which attracts all the tourists. There are also places for history lovers like the Ouidah Museum of History and the Royal Palace. Even the wildlife lovers will also love this country because they will get to see different kinds of animals in the national parks especially in the most famous Pendjari National Park. In fact the people who will visit the country will be quite mesmerised to see all the bronze artworks and will be amazed to see the buildings and the architecture made up of ivory and fine wood carvings. So, hearing about the uniqueness of the country, the Andorran nationals now will be thinking of visiting this country. But before everything they should be well aware about the visa policies that they need to know before they are applying for a visa and entering the country.

It is very much important for the Andorran nationals to know that they will get a visa before they are planning to visit Benin. They will be getting both the thirty days and the ninety days visa and also there is an extra opportunity for them that is they will also get the opportunity for visa extension. They can apply for the visa by going to the embassy or if they want, they can also apply online through the online websites. But it is very much preferable if they apply for the visa online Because it will also help you in your time management and you will also get the advantage of tracking your current visa status and also you will get Authenticated visa within a very few stipulated times and also you will be provided with a soft copy which will not get lost. 

Tourist Visa Online Is our website through which you will get to know about all the detailed information while you are applying for the visa and also you will be kept updated about the documents that you need to carry while you are going to apply for the visa and also if you need any kind of help or any kind of clarifications then you can contact us at anytime of the day without any hesitation. We will help you throughout the whole process of applying for the visa and will be at your services. 


Types of Visas available for Andorra Nationals when they are planning to visit Benin 

Tourist Visa –

Do you want to explore the unique nature of Benin? Tourist visas are issued to only those people who want to visit the country for tourism purposes or want to spend quality time in the country and also are issued to those people who want to spend their time with their family members who are already residing in the country.

Business Visa –

This visa has already been suggested to be issued only to those professionals who want to visit the country for business purposes or want to set up a new business in the country or even they can think of expanding their business or the name of the company they are already working under. This visa is also needed for business related purposes and other work purposes but for this they need to bring the cover letter stating the purpose of their visit. 


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Andorran Nationals who want to visit Benin 

  • The applicant Must definitely bring the original passport which should have the validity for at least six months even after the departure from the country and that the passport should also have at least two blank pages for the stamps that would be issued at the airport. 
  • The applicant must bring the visa application forms that should have their signatures. 
  • The applicant must also bring the copies of the airline tickets which will show the proof of their departure and the arrival dates. 
  • The applicant should not forget to bring the scanned coloured copies of passport size photographs and there are some conditions that are to be followed: that the background of the photograph should have White background and face coverage of 80%.
  • The applicant Should definitely bring the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. 
  • The processing time of the visa is 5 to 7 days. 
  • The cost of the visa depends on the type of the visa you are applying for and also depends on the type of the visa whether it’s a single type visa or multiple type visa provided that it should be a tourist visa

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