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Benin democracy is more stable than other countries in Africa. The Republic of Benin is known for its work furniture art like wood carving, bronze work, ivory, and treasures. The Republic of Benin was earlier known by another name"Dahomey". Foreign national or Liechtenstein nationals touring to Benin can trace the old history, voodoo culture, and old culture of the African nations. Benin visa requirements for Liechtenstein nationals are the regulation and restrictions if they will need to obtain it or not. Liechtenstein nationals are only allowed to enter Benin for a valid purpose and with a relevant visa only. It means that a Benin visa for Liechtenstein nationals must be acquired to enter the country.


Benin visa for Liechtenstein nationals

All the tourists and visitors holding Liechtenstein nationals can receive a Benin e-visa or Benin embassy visa. The service of electronic visa issuance was initiated to expedite and simplify the process for foreign nationals entering the country. Liechtenstein nationals who can travel to Benin must know about the entry rules. The visa policy of Benin permits few nations to enter the country without visas. Benin visa needs to be obtained from the embassy by Liechtenstein nationals for the long visit and work permit. Liechtenstein nationals can also receive a short visit visa from the embassy. But, most of them obtain it online to eliminate the need to visit the embassy and wait for a long time for visa approval. 

Applying for a Benin embassy visa

For obtaining a long visit visa or relevant permit from the Benin consultant office. Liechtenstein nationals need to visit the nearest Benin embassy. Liechtenstein nationals are not restricted to applying for the Benin visa from the embassy for tourism and business purposes. Then can receive it online without any hassle. National of Liechtenstein must collect and complete the application form for a Benin visa or permit. Liechtenstein nationals should schedule the appointment with the authority for a Benin visa. They should bring relevant documents and fees for the Benin visa application to the interview. The processing time for receiving a Benin visa from the embassy is a little long. All foreign nationals irrespective of their nationality need to apply for a resident permit and work permit from the Benin embassy.

Validity and fees

The validity of the Benin visa obtained from the embassy by Lichtenstein national will vary according to the purpose and issued visa type. The fees for the application form or the Benin permit will depend on the visa type and duration of the visit.


Applying for Benin e-visa

Liechtenstein nationals intending to enter the country are also eligible to apply for a Benin e-visa. The processing time of the application form for Benin e-visa is faster than the embassy visa. Liechtenstein nationals can travel to Benin for business-related work, tourism-related visits, and transit permits with e-visa. The stay in Benin can last for 30 days or 90 days according to the visa selection by Liechtenstein nationals. A 90 day stay allows Liechtenstein nationals to obtain more than one entry to Benin because it is a multiple entries visa. A 30 days stay in Benin can be issued for both single visits and multiple visits by the nationals of Liechtenstein. 

Benin e-visa steps for Liechtenstein nationals

Liechtenstein nationals willing to acquire e-visa for Benin can apply for the visa on a Tourist visa online. The steps are extremely easy but applicants should be careful while applying for a Benin e-visa. Applicant should use a stable internet connection for completing the steps of Benin e-visa online.

  • Choose the type of e- visa for Benin either 90 days or 30 days.
  • Fill the application form of e-visa for Benin
  • Liechtenstein nationals should upload the digital image of required documents for the Benin e-visa.
  • Fees for Benin e-visa need to be submitted which will differ according to the validity and type of visa.
  • Liechtenstein nationals will get the e-visa for Benin on their Email ID. Liechtenstein nationals can download and keep the copies of the Benin e-visa with them.

Documents needed for Benin e-visa

  • Passport- Applicants holding Liechtenstein passport must use 6 months valid document.
  • Photo
  • Debit or credit card
  • Active Email ID



The Benin visa for Liechtenstein nationals can be received online in advance from a tourist visa online. The application form for Benin e-visa multiple entries and single entry is available online for Liechtenstein nationals.

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