Guide to Apply Benin Visa for Nepal Nationals

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Nepal is a country where people get to enjoy the beauty of mountains and the largest mountain range, the Himalayas. Even the tallest mountain peak lies in this country. So, Nepal Nationals are quite well aware of the beauty of the nature in the mountains but they also have a wish to visit other places where they get to know about the historical places and others. They can visit the French speaking country, Benin which is also the founder of the new religion which is known as voodoo. Here, Nepal Nationals can enjoy the view of unique and different and diverse landscapes which are the best tourist attractions in Benin. Benin also has Porto Novo as its capital which is famous for its historical places and royal palaces like Ouidah Museum of History and Royal Palace. You will also enjoy the bronze works of the country along with delicate wood carvings and architecture made up of fine ivory. Benin is also a place where you can also enjoy the famous dish of the country that is kuli kuli. Even you can get to se visit the national parks like Pendjari National Park where you will enjoy learning the habits of wild animals like the elephants and lions and also hippos. Benin is a friendly and a peaceful country just like Nepal. So, this country should be visited by Nepal Nationals at least once in their life whenever they get a break from their daily schedule. 

But before anything, Nepal Nationals should ensure that they have the visa which will give them the legal permission to visit the country. It is compulsory for them to note that they will get the advantage of applying for both 30 days tourist visa and also 90 days tourist visa. Apart from these two, they will also get the opportunity of applying for the extensible visa. They can apply for the visa to Benin via the Benin Visa Embassy or if they want, they can also apply for the visa to Benin through online website like Tourist visa online. It will be better if you are applying for the visa to Benin online as it will not only save your time but will also give you the advantage of tracking your visa status at any time and will also provide you with the soft copy of the visa so that it does not get lost. You will receive your visa within a very short stipulated time and you won’t have to go through any hassles. 

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Benin and will also keep you updated on the documents you require for your application of the visa to Benin. We will help you about the policies of the visa and also if you have any kinds of doubts regarding any information, then you must contact us immediately so that we xan guide you through the best ways. You will not be charged for any extra fees except for the visa fee which you will have to pay. 


Types of Visas available for Nepal Nationals who want to visit Benin 

Tourist Visa

Nepal Nationals will definitely want to enjoy the view of the landscapes of the country and also want to visit the historic past of the country. For this, they need to apply for the tourist visa for the purpose of tourism and also if any Nepal Nationals want to visit the country to meet their friends and family who are already permanently staying in the country, then they are also free to opt for this visa.

Business Visa –

This visa is mainly issued to those professionals from Nepal who want to visit the country for work related activities or for business purposes. These professionals who want to go to Benin to expand their business or to set up a new business in Benin after getting the legal permission, then they are also free to opt for this business visa


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Nepal nationals to visit Benin 

  • The applicant must bring the original passport which should have the validity period of 6 months at least even after the departure from the country. 
  • The applicant must bring the visa application forms with their signature and must also carry the print out of the same. 
  • The applicant must ensure that the passport have at least two blank pages for the stamps that would be given at the airport. 
  • The Nepal nationals must get the international certificate of vaccination against the yellow fever which is a must. 
  • The applicant must not forget to bring the travel itinerary and the proof of the accommodation where They will be residing during their stay in the country 
  • The applicant must also bring their copies of the airline tickets. 

It is to be noted that the processing time of the visa is for 5 to seven days and there are many types of visas that is both single entry type and multiple entry type and the type of the visa is tourist visa and the stay validity also depends on the type of visa that you are applying for. 

Apply Benin Visa

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