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The Benin visa for Vietnam national needs to be acquired. All the foreign nationals holding Vietnam passports can not visit Benin without obtaining a visa. Traveling to Benin for travel purposes must be carried out by applying for a tourist visa. The tourist entry requirement of Benin state that Vietnam national should have a tourist visa to enter the country. Vietnam nationals have to acquire an electronic visa for Benin or an embassy visa. The embassy Benin visa is the visa issued from the embassy. The electronic visa for the Benin visa is the online visa issued to Vietnam nationals. 


Benin online visa for Vietnam national

The Benin online visa is the electronic travel authorization obtained by Vietnam nationals for a short visit. Vietnam nationals can apply for the electronic permit online. There is no need to travel to the embassy for Benin short term visa. The Benin online visa can be acquired by filling the simple application form by Vietnam national. The applicant will need an important document like a passport and photograph to fulfill the Benin e-visa requirements. The Benin online visa can be a single entry visa for 30 or 90 days. The multiple entries Benin online visa can be used for more than one-time entry to the country.

Foreign national holding Vietnam passport can apply for Benin e-visa for different purposes:

  • Vietnam national planning to cross border or enter Benin for tourism, vacation, leisure, recreational activities, etc.
  • If Vietnam national want to enter Benin for short term visit for a Business reason.


The Benin online visa fee for Vietnam passport holders will differ according to the visa type and validity. A single visit online visa for Benin with 30 days visa validity will cost 81.0USD. The Benin online visa fees for multiple visit visas with 30 days validity will cost 109.0USD for Vietnam nationals. The third option of 90 days Benin e-visa for Vietnam national will cost 138.0USD. It will be a multiple entries visa for Vietnam nationals.


Vietnam nationals entering Benin with 30 days electronic permit can stay in the country for 30 days. Vietnam national visiting Benin with 90 days Benin online visa can stay for 90 days. For a longer visit, Vietnam nationals should visit the embassy. Vietnam nationals should visit the nearest embassy, collect the application form, and arrange meetings for receiving relevant Benin longer visit visas.


Benin online visa steps for Vietnam nationals

  • The Benin online visa application form can be filled on a Tourist visa online by Vietnam nationals.
  • Enter nationality (Vietnam), living nation, and visiting nation (Benin) and click on the "apply visa" button.
  • Choose the appropriate Benin online visa type and move to the next step.
  • Properly provide all the required information in Benin online visa or Benin e-visa Check the details in the form once again to avoid mistakes that may cause trouble in the future.
  • Scanned digital image of all the required documents including bio page of passport needs to be submitted by Vietnam national.
  • The Benin e-visa fees need to be submitted online by Vietnam nationals.
  • The Benin visa for Vietnam national will be sent to the given email address of the applicant in the application form.

Benin e-visa application form requirements for Vietnam national

  • The original and 6 months valid Vietnam passport
  • Passport size photo meeting the Benin e-visa requirements
  • Online mode of payment or credit or debit card for paying Benin online visa fees
  • The email account of Vietnam applicants applying for Benin online visa



Benin is the country that is contributing to the development of African countries through tourism. Tourists can visit Cotonou a port city and can explore and witness the beauty of golden beaches. Tourists can visit Dantokpa Market in Cotonou. Tourists can see and take a look at different voodoo fetish markets. A visitor traveling to Cotonou city should add Fidjirosse Beach to their bucket list. It would be an amazing adventure for foreign nationals if they will visit Ganvie in Benin. The Ganvie is the largest floating lake Village not only in Benin but is a largest lake village in Africa. Pehunco is a small village that attracts tourists for ornament and bazaar. Visitors can travel to Benin to explore and know more about the natural habitat, rural life, and wildlife of the country.


The Benin visa for Vietnam national need to be obtained in advance to enter the country. Vietnam national is an eligible nation for Benin e-visa.

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