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Benin is a place to travel to if you are a fan of the wildlife and the flora and fauna. This natural habitat for both humans and animals alike is a beautiful destination to enjoy when on a good summer vacation. But the visa to Benin can finish out even before you know about it and hence to keep your thrill still in the league you can apply for a Benin e visa extension through Tourist Visa Online which means there is no need to search for Benin embassies anymore and nor do you need to waste time asking other agents whether you will be able to get it extended.


  • Benin e visa extension
  • Application of a Benin visa extension
  • Documents needed for Benin visa extension
  • FAQs

Benin e visa extension

A Benin visa is usually found in two options such as a 30 days stay visa and a 90 days say visa. Among these the maximum a tourist can stay for is for 90 days beyond which a stay won’t be allowed. However, if you have applied for a 30 days Benin Tourist visa then you are eligible for a visa extension. It is rare that a person will get an extension after 90 days of visa validity expires. This, however, can be extended if there are found to be reasons which are valid for the extension.

Application of a Benin visa extension

While the new visa can be applied through an embassy of the Republic of Benin or an online site, finding an extension when you are staying in Benin might be difficult as finding the embassies become hard after you reach Benin and hence to ease this process of going out to find the embassies and then waiting for your visa extension you can easily apply for one through Touristvisaonine and the process for the same can be given as follows:

  • You can log onto the main page of tourist visa online and take a look at the visa options by entering where you want to travel from
  • Enter your details in the Benin application form which will be an online one and then you can attach the documents which have been asked through the mail.
  • Once you finish up the process by paying the visa fees you will be notified about your visa order through the mail.

With this, you can easily get an extension being made available. However, it is to be noted that the extension will only be for 30 days and no more than that can be issued.

Documents needed for Benin visa extension

Only the following documents will be required to apply for an extension:

  • Your passport with a six month plus validity and with one page being kept blank
  • The application form with the filled in information
  • One photo which will follow the guidelines and will be of passport size
  • Bookings if you have done which includes your airline ticket or hotel bookings if any.


  • Can a multiple entry visa apply for 30 days be extended?

Yes, you can apply for an extension for the 30 days multiple entry Benin visa which will be soon expiring.

  • Will I be able to extend an unused visa even after 30 days after it has been issued?

An extension will only be granted for used visas and unused visas will only expire and hence you cannot use an extension for the same. You will have to apply for a new one if the unused gets expired.

  • Am I eligible for a Benin e visa extension if I have already overstayed my stay in Benin and now want to apply for the extension? 

As you have already overstayed the visa and you have not yet applied for the extension you will not be eligible for an extension on the same visa. Instead, you can apply for a new Benin visa.

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