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Benin is a West African country. Its official language is French, while several other languages are also active; they are Dendi, Fon, etc. The capital of Benin is Porto Novo. Mainly Roman culture is followed in Benin. It's an economically stable country that mainly exports cotton and palm oil, as Benin is the rich producer of this. Benin has a tropical climate; for that reason, it's highly rich in agriculture; most of the income arises from the field of agriculture. Benin is an active member of the United States. 

Well, nowadays a tourist major attraction is Benin.

Benin Visa 

Benin embassy offers e-visa which can easily be obtained by filling up the application form online. Provide your cooperation while fulfilling the requirements

It offers six kinds of visas for foreign travelers

  • Business visa requirements- this visa is valid for business employees who have valid formal invitation letters; its validity is for 90 days.
  • Tourist visa requirements- this visa is for tourists; they can generate this by filling up the application form, valid for 90 days.
  • Transit visa requirements- This visa is for those who are traveling for a short period as it's valid for 72 hours.
  • Diplomatic visa requirements– this visa can only be obtained by Benin government employees.
  • Student visa requirements– this visa is for students who want their future education in Benin. Interns can also apply for this visa.

Conditions are provided, these visas are either valid for 30 days or 90 days. Single entries and multiple entries are allowed. Travelers can book their slots according to their needs.

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Benin Visa Requirements (Work)

The requirements are quite simple; you must provide these valid documents during the application process.

  • A photocopy of the flight ticket
  • A photocopy of your complete application form
  • Residence proof
  • Vaccination documents (covid, Yellow fever)
  • Passport photocopy (required details)
  • A formal letter from your workplace
  • Before applying ensure first whether Benin workplace has accepted the letter of immigration. Benin embassy and workplace must define whether that employee should obtain a Multiple visa/Single visa. This visa process can only be obtained after a confirmation letter provided by the Benin Embassy.

After Benin Work Permits 

  1. The employee offer letter will be provided
  2. A letter of acceptance photocopy should be provided by the applicant.
  3. Applicant CV is required
  4. In the final step letter of appointment will be given
  • After work permits, an employee must apply for a Subject to Regularization (STR) card, Combined Expatriate Residence Permit, and Alien Card (CERPAC) as the visa policy is only for 90 days, and this card requires time.

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Benin Currency

Benin's official currency is CFA Franc, which means 1USD equals 559.342 XOF. Travelers are advised to carry maximum cash as only a few hotels and restaurants accept debit cards. No damage currency is accepted. Benin ATMs do not provide valid currency all the time.

Is Benin Safe

In Benin crime is continuing; terrorist attacks, sexual harassment, scams, and pickpocketing are increasing daily.

  • Walking alone at night should be avoided.
  • Fraud cases are increasing victims losing their money, often through scams, girls are smuggled. Avoid interaction with unknown people through social media
  • For the current situation, Benin has many active cases
  • HIV/AIDS and yellow virus rates are also high
  • Medical facilities are quite limited
  • Benin law is very strict
  • Smuggling, trafficking is illegal
  • Benin declares that having same-sex relations is now legal.
  • Wearing a mask while traveling is mandatory
  • During traveling in public transport, be aware of pickpockets
  • Often health insurance is not valid

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Benin Food

Benin is famous for its food specialty. If you are traveling to Benin, you must try these dishes Akpan, Akassa, Dough, Aloko, Moyo, Garri.

Apply Benin Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The education provided by them is not up to mark. They pay a high amount of salary to the corporate work people. Their laws are quite strict no criminal offense is tolerated. You are advised to drink bottled water. Only cash policy is accepted.

As Benin capital is Cotonou it is recognized as the most peaceful city to live in. To live life the expenditure is quite average. In Cotonou, the people are quite friendly and helpful.

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