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Though you won’t find a big tourism industry or big buildings or any other fancy things, Benin is still a good pace you can choose to travel to if you want to have some good experience with the beaches, the wildlife parks, and some of the ancient places that are worth visiting! But this also raises a question about the travel and that is do I need a visa for Benin? If the answer is no then you need not have any worries of taking a visa and then travelling. However, even if the answer is yes, then too you need not have any issues with the travels as you will have the most trusted partner, Tourist Visa Online right by you for your Benin e visa application.


  • Benin visa exempted countries
  • Allowance for diplomatic passport holders
  • Countries that need a visa
  • FAQs

Benin visa exempted countries

Here is a complete list of all those countries that can enter the country of Benin without having to apply for a visa:

Nigeria Ethiopia Egypt DR Congo
Tanzania South Africa Kenya Uganda
Algeria Sudan Morocco Angola
Mozambique Ghana Madagascar Cameroon
Cote d’Ivoire Niger Burkina Faso Mali
Malawi Zambia Senegal Chad
Somalia Zimbabwe Guinea Rwanda
Burundi Tunisia South Sudan Togo
Sierra Leone Libya Congo Central African Republic
Mauritania Eritrea Namibia Gambia
Botswana Gabon  Lesotho Guinea-Bissau
Equatorial guinea Mauritius Eswatini Djibouti
Comoros Cabo Verde Sao tome and Principe Seychelles
Hong kong      

All of these countries are the ones that can enter the country of Benin without having to take a visa. There are in total 56 countries that can travel to Benin without having to take a visa and can stay for up to 90 days. However, those who belong to Hong Kong can only stay for about 14 days. Apart from these countries the citizens of China who are travelling on a duty can also enter and stay for about 90 days in Benin.

Allowance for diplomatic passport holders

The diplomatic passport holders also get leverage and the countries that can visit without a visa to Benin can be given as follows:

  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • Iran (only for one month)
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland

Countries that need a visa:

The countries that need to take a Benin Visa are those that have not been mentioned in the above list. If you check out the list and find out that your country’s name has not been mentioned then you can easily apply for a visa through Touristvisaonline.


  • I have received my Benin visa with the wrong dates of travel on it. How do I get my e visa adjusted?

If there are wrong dates that have been mentioned, you can contact the customer care for adjustment of the dates and they will be doing the needful.

  • I have an American passport and wish to travel to Benin on a visa-free benefit is it possible to do so?

As America has not been mentioned in the list of countries that have been exempted from taking a visa to Benin, the citizen of America will have to take one before the travel.

  • Can Benin be considered as a safe place to travel to?

Even though it is not much developed, Benin does have a really good local people, and as tourists enter they also treat them very nicely and will also show you some good places to visit in Benin this means that Benin is definitely considered to be a safe place to travel to.

  • Do I need a visa for Benin if there is no embassy in my country and if Georgia has not been mentioned in the visa-free list as well? 

Yes, a visa is still required for a citizen of Georgia to travel to Benin as the country is not eligible for visa-free entry. However, is there is no embassy then you can apply for one through Touristvisaonline.

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