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Benin is a country that loves to celebrate. There are festivals and ceremonies scheduled for every month of the year, so it is hard to pick one specific time to visit. However, if you want a beautiful experience at an important festival or event in Benin, we recommend visiting in February or June. These two months are especially festive because they mark the beginning of the summer season and springtime celebrations in Benin.  If you are the one, Always wondered when's the next ideal season to travel to Benin? Here is a little tourist information about Benin, you must know.

This nation is located approximately 7 and 13 degrees south of the tropics, putting it both in the tropical and the subtropical regions of the world. The warmest months are March through June. At different seasons of the year, it may be highly rainy as well as very dry. 

The northern is comparable, however, the monsoon season showers are lighter, the moisture is lower, and the general temperatures are greater. In April and May, the temperature regularly reaches 45 degrees C or higher. The rainy season in this region is significantly less common beyond the monsoon season, which begins in early June and lasts until mid-September.

For starters, the rainy season isn't all that wet, in comparison to some of the nations on the continent. it pours most days within the south, but when it does, it's extremely heavy, however, this rain usually only seems to last an hour or two in the afternoon. Benin experiences two different seasons, namely: rainy and dry. These two seasons can be separated higher. The rainy season correlates to the northern hemisphere summer months of May or June through September, whilst the dry season correlates to the winter months of December through February.

Aside from the climate, January might be an excellent month to visit because it is where magic and Voodoo are the most approachable, owing to the Voodoo Day festivities on 10 January. During the summer, residents of Benin wear bulky coats and jackets. That is one of the travel warnings you should be aware of before visiting Benin. Temperatures at Cotonou Airport persist at or above 27 ° Celsius, particularly after 10:00 p.m. That's perhaps one of the most humorous online advice messages you'll find if you've been to Benin. It may appear silly that you are trapped in the winter cold without suitable attire. It's cold here in August, experiencing freezing temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. Nobody wants to leave the household at about this time of year until essential. To prepare for this event, constantly bring thick clothing with you until you visit Benin.


Springtime is the best time to visit Benin (March to  May)

The combination of humidity and heat make this period appear extremely warm. Highs vary between 99°F (37.2°C) and 90.9°F (32.7°C), with lower temperatures earlier in the year. Annual rainfall on average every 2 to 8 days, with 2 to 8 days of substantial rainfall every month. Spring is the quietest season for tourists, making it ideal for visitors shopping for bargains.

 Winter  in Benin (December to February)

Benin's climate is ideal for warm-weather vacationers in this season of the year. Throughout this season, the typical maximum temperature ranges between when it stops raining or snowfalls only a few times every month on average: 0 to 2 times a month. Visitors are few at this period of the year.


Summer in Benin  (June to August)

The weather in the middle of the year is really pleasant, with pretty warm peak temperatures. With 9 to 10 days of precipitation every month, these months receive the most precipitation. Because June to August are the busiest for tourism in Benin, hotels and other accommodations may be more expensive than normal.

Autumn in Benin  (September to November)

The daily maximum temperatures within fall vary from 95.5°F (35.3°C) to 85.8°F (29.9°C), that will feel extremely good considering the moisture and breeze. It showers or snow falls frequently.  Because of the climate, travel is the world's largest throughout these months, thus accommodations may be slightly more expensive.



We hope that with this article, you now understand when it is best to visit Benin and what you must do before visiting. If you would like to get a tourist visa online, please fill out the form below. Visiting Benin is a wonderful experience but there are many factors to consider before you book your flight. In this article, we’ve covered the best time to visit Benin as well as some tips for planning a trip. If you have any questions regarding the travel and tour or planning your trip, please contact us today!

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