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If you are one from those countries that would need a visa to travel to Cambodia, then you might as well get some help from Tourist Visa Online with your Cambodia visa application form. But if you are still thinking about how to apply Cambodia visa online then you need not worry as all your questions related to this worry will be solved just within minutes. However, for this, you probably need to stay through the entire article for your application to be smooth. Once you are done with this you will be done with the Cambodia visa application within minutes.


Q. What is a Cambodia visa and why is it necessary to apply for one?

A Cambodia visa is one travel document that you must carry with you while travelling throughout the country. This is because you are a foreigner in Cambodia and you will not be accepted as one of the citizens and hence keeping your identity visible as a foreigner is a must. This will only be possible if you hold a Cambodia evisa. If you do not have a Cambodia visa while travelling to the country, then you will just be considered as another illegal immigrant who tried to trespass the border now this is something that none of you all wants to have. This is why taking a Cambodia visa is totally necessary while travelling to this country. 

Q. Is it possible to apply for a Cambodia visa through any other platform other than an online method?

Yes absolutely, you can apply Cambodia visa even through an embassy or a diplomatic mission that is located near you. If this is not available and you are one of the countries that can take an online visa, you can get a visa on arrival facility made available for you as well. 

Q. Can I apply for a work visa once I arrive at the airport if I am eligible for a visa on arrival facility in Cambodia?

No, you cannot apply for a work visa once you have arrived at the airport even if you are one of the citizens who are eligible for a visa on arrival. The only visa types that can be made available are a tourist visa and a business visa. Apart from these two visa types, you cannot apply for any other visa types once you arrive at a port in Cambodia. 

Q. What is the process to apply for a Cambodia visa through Tourist Visa Online?

If you have already made up your mind to apply through tourist visa online, then here is an absolutely simple process that you can follow to get your visa issued. With just a tourist visa being available, you can select only that one. The process for the application can be given as follows:

Step 1: Selecting the country you live in:

You will firstly have to mention your country that you live in and are a nationality of while applying for a Cambodia visa. This means you will have to select one for the countries from the drop-down list given. 

Step 2: Selecting one type of visa:

You will get the visa option list as soon as you are found eligible, select one of the Cambodia visa types from the list and click on proceed. 

Step 3: Filling in of information and scanned documents being attached:

Fill all the information that has been asked for in the Cambodia visa application form and get the required documents that have been mentioned scanned and get them attached along with the application form. 

Step 4: Payment of the visa type:

The price of the visa type that you have chosen will be shown and you have to pay them to move ahead. This can be done with any of the options that you desire. 

Step 5: A mail being sent:

A mail will be sent over to you which wills state that your visa application has been completed successfully and you can track the status of the visa online. 

With just these simple 5 steps you will be able to finish the entire application for a Cambodia visa. 

Q. Is it possible for an applicant to apply for his family as well if they are all travelling on the same visa type?

If you and your family decide to travel to Cambodia on a tourist visa then yes, you can definitely apply for all of the family members through just one application form. This is possible with the add applicant option. 

What else do you need now that your question about how to apply Cambodia visa online has been solved with just some questions!

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