Airport Tax in Cambodia

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Airport Tax

Airport taxes are not paid by any passengers it's mainly paid under the condition if any things or articles of trade; bags or goods or household articles or any other required belongings are carried or transferring from one place to another under that condition airlines charged taxes as for every articles its required taxes which are charged by the airlines for the maintenance and this is changed or added in the air tickets only.

  • Airport charges are indirectly charged or added to the air tickets; only those who carry extra baggage are charged based on the weight is
  • These charges, which are charged by the airlines for the maintenance purpose
  • IRS has been charged by every office
  • Checking in and check-out charges are also included in the air tickets.
  • Maximum airport charges are charged by the UK, Germany, Austria airlines.


There Are Many Tax Charges Obtained By Airlines To Collect The Charges for international and onboarding services for their conservation.

  1. Revenue Passenger Mile
  2. Ongoing And Ongoing Charges
  3. Gas Guzzler Tax- It's mainly for those whose car is transported to other places for inefficient fuel.
  4. Fees- it's mainly fixed for specified things, and if any additional things are carried then fees are charged extra on their basis.
  5. If illegal arms or drugs are carried without licenses, severe punishments are charged along with a high amount of fine tax.
  6. For special security purposes, taxes are obtained for that purpose, too.
  7. If any pets are carried on airlines, separate clearance assurance and separate taxes are charged.

Special imports are also allowed by airlines such as

  • If a person is above 18 years old, they can carry a maximum of 2lites of wine.
  • 300-400 amount of cigarettes
  • A curtained milliliters of perfumes
  • Medicines and prescribed drugs are allowed
  • Declaration letter about the amount of cash the passengers are carrying


 Airlines Taxes (Policy)

Airline taxes are none other than indirect charges paid by passengers; it's completely legalized by the government as every public place required maintenance, while airlines are not included in the public tax paid by the people, as it's also interconnected by international agencies and the embassy. For every charge, they are required to pay their service charges.

  • In another way, airlines have also acquired health services for passengers.
  • If any passengers traveling with expensive belongings, they provide special security
  • Other securities and local passenger save services and guarantees are also ensured by the airline's agencies.
  • The government has finally helped them, but major taxes are collected and added to their tickets inclusively.


Airlines Booking

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It's completely your choice if you are happy with the service you can provide some tips to your service provider, well in case your driver they charged $1 or more every day as their tips. If you are guided by a tourist guide then you have to give them tips as per their recommendations.

Bookings must be made before one month of travel as the visa processing may sometimes be delayed, and without a hotel booking your visa application is not fully complete as it is a requirement of their terms and conditions.

Yes, it's possible as many travelers traveling to Cambodia extend their period of stay as most of them are students, foreigners married Cambodian citizens business executors or any kind of medical patients.

Cambodia is the safest country to visit and travel to. Cambodia is recognized as a crime-free country as its embassy is strict enough; any crime is a punishable offense. Cambodia is quite a popular place and its market places are quite crowded. Tourists are advised to drink bottled water and travel safely and avoid traveling to toxic places.

Yes, it's essential and often, it's mandatory for emigrants; otherwise, travel is suspended with travel and health insurance.


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